"It Was a Nice Trip, Real Nice."

Pittsburgh wide receiver <b>Devon Lyons</b>, from the same school as Wolverines Ryan Mundy and Steve Breaston, talked to us Sunday evening about his U-M visit.

We talked this evening with WR/Athlete Devon Lyons (Jan. 9 official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-2 1/2, 204 lbs., 4.47 in the 40, 4.12 shuttle, 30.7 in. vertical, 18 bench press reps., ) from Pittsburgh, Pa., Woodland Hills.

How was the visit?

"It went nice. Yeah, it was a real nice trip. I was with Ryan (Mundy) pretty much the whole time -- he was my host. He's the reason I scheduled the visit in the first place -- he wants me to come to Michigan, and he's stayed on me about it. He's my cousin you know. I just called and scheduled the visit Wednesday, and Michigan offered me a scholarship."

"We talked to all the coaches, we talked the academic staff. And we spent time with our individual coaches -- mine was Eric Campbell. We went over film, they showed us how they do things."

"Then Ryan and I went to few parties. We hooked up with Steve Breaston for some of that time."

So Michigan is recruiting you as a wide receiver?

"As a receiver, yes. That's good -- Ryan and I wouldn't be competing with each other."

I hear you, Ryan, and Andrew Johnson were buddies as kids.

"Yeah, we were. In fact I just walked in the door and called Andrew -- we just got off the phone. I don't think he'll stick with his Pitt commitment ... maybe it'll be Ohio State, or Miami."

Devon, I watched you at the Penn State Nike Camp abusing Ted Ginn.

"HA! Yeah, a little. Ted and I are friends too -- in fact I'm calling him this evening too."

You're done with your visits now (Ohio State, Miami, Michigan, MSU and Notre Dame). Do you have a leader?

"Not one leader. I have a top three though: Michigan, Ohio State, and Miami."

When do you think you'll decide?

"In about two weeks."

Did Coach Carr schedule his in-home visit with you?

"He's coming in, not this week, but the week after."

And Devon he signed off with, "It was a nice trip, real nice."

Lyons is TheInsiders' #43 Big Ten Area prospect.

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