It's a great hire."

So says former Michigan recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet about the hiring back of former Michigan assistant coach Mike Debord, who Mark worked with for several years at Michigan. Mark knows all about the kids Debord brought in while recruiting for the Wolverines!


Bringing back Mike Debord to take the special teams and recruiting coordinator jobs -- it's a great hire by Michigan. Mike's a great person, and I'm excited to see him back at Michigan. He will do excellent job. Here's why he'll be great as a recruiting coordinator.

He has had experience at Michigan going on the road with recruiting (and he was very good at it!), and now he's also had experience from a different side of recruiting as Head Coach at Central Michigan. So he understands the recruiting needs of the assistant coaches, and he understands the needs of the head coach. And he understands the compliance issues, admissions, budgeting – all the parts of recruiting.

Plus Mike's a great guy – he's passionate about football, passionate about recruiting, and great with kids. When he was at Michigan before (from 1992-99), his recruiting area was Illinois, Indiana, and the west side of Michigan. He got to know the kids well, the parents well … his friendliness and sincerity made him a great recruiter. He recruited Glen Steele his first year at Michigan – how's that for a start! The next year Clint Copenhaver. Then Rob Renes, Aaron Shea, Tai Streets and Chris Ziemann! The next year it was David Brandt. Then Kurt Anderson and Bill Seymour. And finally Todd Howard and Dan Rumishek. He also had a hand in the recruiting off Tony Pape and Tyrece Butler before he left. Not a bad group! And those are just the ones I can think of! In fact, the only kid I can think of that Mike really lost out on was T.J. Duckett – but having his brother already at MSU was an insurmountable obstacle.

Another reason Debord is a great choice is this: having Debord and Coach Carr working together, with the close relationship they have, will help recruiting tremendously.

Debord also understands how important walk-ons are to a program. Walk-ons have to be recruited too, and Mike will help develop the walk-on program.

With fewer scholarships available next year, I think you'll see Debord be aggressive in the spring ‘combine-camps' and the summer Michigan camp.

Michigan already has a few junior commitments, as you know. Mike will build on that. Let me also say that Bill Sheridan has done an excellent job as recruiting coordinator this year. This is really Sheridan's first class ‘start to finish', and it's a very solid class, most likely a Top 10 … there are a couple kids we'll find out about soon of course.

But next year the defensive line will be a new one – this year's was a veteran group – and so I think having Sheridan be able to focus on the D-line next season is a smart move. It will help with next year's defense for a defensive coach not to have the extra task. Sheridan will also be able to go out on the road to take Boccher's recruiting area.

So I'm excited about the future of recruiting with the job of coordinator in Mike Debord's hand. He's a great person to be Recruiting Coordinator.

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