Will Thompson Still Visit the Vols and the Gators?

6-2 210-lb. future WILL linebacker John Thompson planned to visit the Gators this weekend. He fills GBW on where that visit stands and talks about the firmness of his commitment.

You said you might be visiting Florida or Tennessee this weekend. Have you finalized anything?

“No. I won’t be going anywhere.”

Just this weekend,… or period?

“I probably won’t visit anywhere period. I heard from USC but I’m not sure if I’ll be going. They said that they would let me know something by the end of this week regarding whether they are going to offer me or not.”

When did they get involved with you?

“Just last week. They came and got a tape from my school.”

What coach is recruiting you for them?

“I can’t even remember his name.”

Any chance you'll become a Trojan?

“If I go, it’ll just be for fun. I’m going to Michigan.”

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