Decision Date Set For Dutch

Gonzaga High (Washington DC) WR <strong>Doug Dutch</strong> (6-0, 190 4.34) discusses in-home visits and informs us of when he&#8217;ll be making his choice.

How did you like your Army All-Star experience?

“It was tight! I got to interact with a lot good players from around the country and I made a lot of friends. It was nice to be in an environment with people going through the same process and me. “

Did commitments from other schools try to sway you to where they were going?

“Some of the guys talked about the schools they were going to, but they didn’t really try to persuade me.”

So Chad Henne and Man Martin didn’t work on you too hard?

“Nah, not really. They played and joked around about it…but everybody did that.”

Did you get to know Cameron Colvin or Adrian Arrington while you were there…and would either of them deciding to go to Michigan affect your decision?

“I got to know Cameron Colvin. Yeah it would affect my decision. Michigan only has 3 or 4 scholarships left so I don’t think there’s room for them to take more than two more receivers.”

Now that your visits are over, do you have a top two or three at this point?

“No. I’m just going to let everyone come in and make their in-home visits and then decide by next Friday.”

Did any of the visits stick out more than the others?

“Not really. I will say that I had the most fun at Miami. It’s Miami! The area is just so nice. They all pretty much matched up to each other academically.”

Is Coach Carr supposed to be in your house pretty soon?

“Yeah, he’ll be coming by next Wednesday.”

Have you had any other in-homes yet?

“No, I haven’t.”

When will all of the coaches be coming in?

“Thursday is Miami, Monday is Florida, Tuesday is Virginia, Wednesday is Michigan, and Thursday is Maryland.”

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