Atkins Says Noles Lead "For Now"

Sarasota Booker OL <strong>Dumaka Atkins</strong> returned from his trip to Tallahassee this weekend very impressed with what the Noles had to offer. Does Michigan still have a legit shot for his services?

For those that missed the report on Dumaka Atkins (6-4, 280-lbs, 300-lb bench-press, 3.25 GPA/1110 SAT) from, click here.

So FSU has moved into the lead for you?

“Yeah, for now. I’m going up to Michigan this weekend to see if Michigan can overcome it.”

Did you ever think about committing while you were in Tallahassee?

“No I didn’t. I promised myself before I went that I would wait no matter what so I could see what both schools had to offer.”

Will the weather be a factor in your final choice?

“Not if it’s the place for me.”

Will you be deciding right when you get home from your visit or will you wait until close to signing day?

“I’ll know right when I get home where I want to go.”

GBW will catch up with Dumaka again after his visit.

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