Jan. 22: Decisions About to Happen?

Four slots left, six recruits! It's crunch time now! And things are about to break!<br><br> <b>**Three more new reports are now included!**</b>

With four spots left, will Michigan fill them? It's getting tight for the final Top Five Recruits!

Here are Jan. 22 updates.

Deciding this week? It looks like it!

- NEW: DE/OLB Eugene Germany (Oct. 18 official visit, USC Nike stats: 6-3 1/2, 248 lbs…. 4.65 in the 40, 2.3 GPA) from Pomona, Calif. Michigan Assistant Coach English was in his home last night (he had his in-home with Coach Carr in Dec.) He supposedly was going to tell USC last (Thurs.) night what he was doing, but he told us last night that he and his father had not put together a 'comparison list' yet. Stay tuned! Could happen any time!
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: still 33%.

- NEW: WR/CB Doug Dutch (Dec. 12 official visit, 6-2, 185 lbs., 4.3 in the 40, 3.9 GPA) from Washington D.C. Gonzaga, TheInsiders.com's #74 prospect, and a participant in the US Army All American Game. Dutch had a triple-dose of head coach in-homes yesterday, from Florida during the day, Michigan's Coach Carr and also Virginia last night, and with Maryland (and Miami?) tonight (Thurs.). (GBW Interview with Dutch)
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: 40% now.

Michigan's Jan. 23 Official Visit Weekend: Down to one for sure, second is iffy.

- OL/DL Dumaka Atkins (Jan. 23 official visit, 6-4, 280 lbs., 300 lb. bench press, 3.25 GPA/1110 SAT) from Sarasota, Fla., Booker. As he told us this week, he visited FSU last weekend but didn't commit. U-M and FSU will be his only two visits, and he will decide after his U-M visit next weekend (Jan. 23).
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: 30% going into his visit.

- NEW: Visit iffy now: Athlete'/punter Johnny Ayers (6-1, 175 lbs., 3.7 GPA) from Vienna, Vir. (a suburb of D.C.), James Madison. As his mother told us Saturday, he visited Boston College this weekend. According to the Ayers, a Michigan visit now looks iffy.

Not visiting: OL's Chilo Rachal from Calif.; Jeremy Perry from Hawaii (a case of mistaken identity by his coaches between U-M and MSU it seems).

Making a final visit this weekend, then deciding early next week?

- WR Adrian Arrington (Dec. 12 official visit, 2002 U-M Camper, U-M Nike stats: 6-4, 177 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 32.4 inch vertical, 4.28 sec. Shuttle … 3.5 GPA) from Cedar Rapids, Ia., George Washington. He had Michigan's Coach Malone at his school during the day and in his home for the evening last Tuesday (Coach Carr made his in-home in Dec.) -- did it tip the scales? His UCLA visit last weekend was switched at the last second to this weekend due to a ticket situation, and he has the UCLA head coach in his home first on Thurs. He will come home from a Sat.-Mon. UCLA visit and decide as soon as he can -- probably between Michigan and Iowa.
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: 50% now ... at times in the past week we though the % was slightly lower, but we put it right at 50% again.

- LB/DE Tim Jamison (Jan. 9 Michigan official visit, 6-3, 225 lbs., 2.25 GPA, Dec. ACT) from Harvey, Ill, Thornton. HIs father told us that Coach Carr is in his home tomorrow (Thursday). Then he visits MSU this weekend, and after he returns he will decide as soon as he can -- between U-M, MSU and Wisconsin. Wisconsin has been considered the main competition for him, and there have been two recent factors regarding Wisconsin -- one positive, one perhaps negative. The positive -- Jamison's Wisconsin recruiter (defensive coordinator Cosgrove) moved over to Nebraska. The negative -- Jamison's teammate Randel El just committed to Wisconsin (this is considered a negligible factor).
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: 50% or slightly higher (it'd be easier to 'peg' if the MSU visit was over).

Waiting until Signing Day?

- WR Cameron Colvin (Sept. 13 official visit, STAN Nike stats: 6-1, 188 lbs., 4.31 in the 40, 3.85 shuttle, 32.4 inch vertical, 13 bench press reps. … 2.3 GPA/16 ACT) from Concord, Calif., De La Salle. He came out of his USC visit this past weekend still feeling good about Michigan as well as USC -- a good sign. With Coach English being out in LA to visit Eugene Germany today, you can bet he will head up the the Bay Area to see Colvin as well -- perhaps bring Coach Carr with him this time for the Head Coach in-home. He still has a Miami visit to take next weekend, but this is considered a U-M/USC battle. He plans to decide on Signing Day on Tom Lemming's Signing Day Show. He is TheInsiders.com's #16 prospect, and a US Army All Star Game participant.
GBW's estimate of U-M's chances with him: 50% or slightly higher (intuition on the 'slighly higher' part ... or wishful thinking?).

Some Good News:

NEW: Good News: Michigan commitment #12, Safety Jamar Adams (Sept. 6 official visit, 2003 U-M Camper, 2001 U-M Camper, V-Tech Nike stats: 6-2 1/2,193 lbs., 4.13 sec. Shuttle, 33.2 inch vertical jump ... 3.0 GPA/940 SAT) from Matthews, N.C., Butler committed on Sept. 18 but took Jan. visits to North Carolina and South Carolina. He has cancelled his final two visits -- to FSU and UCLA -- and reconfirmed his U-M commitment. We were never worried about Jamar (GBW Interview with Mrs. Adams). He is TheInsiders.com's #35 Atlantic area prospect.

Still Trying ...

- LB Brian Toal (6-2, 225 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 10.8 100 meters, 37 inch vertical jump, 3.0 GPA/960 SAT) from Ramsey, NJ, Don Bosco. He has taken three visits now (Miami, BC, Tennessee), and set a fourth with Penn State. Michigan is still in the running for one of the remaining visit -- with Virginia Tech and Notre Dame. A 33% chance for a visit ...

Not totally/officially over, but ...

- TE Ryan Baker (Oct. 25 official visit, 2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 235 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 3.5 GPA) from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard. Michigan already has a tight end commitment in Mike Massey ... and besides, is Baker still waiting on Notre Dame?
- DL Corey Mills (Dec. 12 official visit, 6-4, 260 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 3.3 GPA, 21 ACT) from Memphis, Tenn., Christian Brothers. Michigan is still in it for him, and he is deciding next week between U-M, Mississippi and Memphis (still visiting this weekend) ... but does U-M have enough DT commitments now?

- NEW: Another Possible Recruit: OL Josh Waller (6-4, 280 lbs.) from Louisville, Kent., Southern. This one is probably iffy as well (for one thing he is a commitment to Louisville), but we bring it to you -- just in case.

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