Dutch is a Wolverine!

Gonzaga High Head Coach Lucas just called GBW -- WR <b>Doug Dutch</b> was still completing the turndowns of the schools on his list that he won't be attending, and Doug still hadn't spoken to the school he'll be attending -- but Coach Lucas gave us the Okay to spread the news:<br> <b>Doug Dutch to Michigan!</b><br><br> Here are Coach Lucas' comments to us.

A few minutes ago Coach Ken Lucas called to inform GBW that his star player, WR Doug Dutch, had made his choice to attend the University of Michigan known to all of the other schools on his list. He also took the time to answer few questions.

Why did he decide for Michigan?

“I think during his visit he felt very warm. He appreciated everything that the University did in trying to show him a good time. And then it came down to the academic and athletic tradition of Michigan. The Michigan football program speaks for itself and so does the University!"

Coach Lucas went on, "There is also the possibility of early playing time at Michigan for Doug -- nothing is certain of course and Doug knows that, but the opportunity is there."

When did he come to his decision, that it was Michigan?

“He just came to the final decision a little earlier this morning. He just got done turning down all of the schools a few minutes ago. We still haven’t spoken to the coaches at Michigan but we’re waiting to hear back from Coach Carr and Coach Campbell now.”

GBW will have more from Doug when he becomes available.

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