Mr. Jamison: "We'll probably decide this week."

The Jamisons just got back from their Michigan State official visit -- their last one. What schools are in it for Tim, and what's next? Mr. Jamison gave us the latest!

The father of OLB/DE Tim Jamison from Harvey, Ill, Thornton told us: "This is all starting to get to us a little, but we're okay."

"We just got back from Michigan State -- I went along too. Tim didn't commit or anything."

"We'll sit down now and start the process of deciding. We'd like to do it this next week, but we're not sure about that. "

"All three schools are still in it, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin. Wisconsin is definitely still in it even though their recruiting coordinator (Tim's Wis. recruiter) went to Nebraska."

"Tim might hold a press conference to announce his decision, we haven't thought too much about that part yet."

"Whatever way we do it, Tim will probably decide this week."

Jamison had his Michigan in-home this past Thursday, which Tim told us Friday morning went very well.

Jamison's ranking has shot up after his U.S. Army Game performance -- he is now TheInsiders #62 prospect, and SuperPrep's #28 prospect. Jamison's stats: Jan. 9 Michigan official visit, 6-3, 225 lbs., 2.25 GPA, Dec. ACT.

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