Arrington: "I'm feeing preeettyyyy good!"

This phone rings -- it is Michigan's newest commitment, wide receiver <b>Adrian Arrington</b>, from Iowa. TheInsiders' #64 prospect!

Adrian started out with the, "I'm feeing prettyyyy good!" Then he told us about picking Michigan.

"It was a hard decision in the end. I spent over three hours last night with my family going over everything. Iowa and UCLA both had real good opportunities for me to come in and play right away. And Michigan is my childhood school. So, my heart was with Michigan and my head was with Iowa."

"So things were pretty even. But I decided to go with my heart. In the end the tradition at Michigan won out for me. The quarterbacks and wide receiver's they've had and sent into the NFL was a big factor for me."

"My mom said she was backing whatever decision I made. She may have had her choice, but she said she was backing me to make the decision!"

Cedar Rapids Washington Head Coach Paul James added:

"I'm happy for Adrian! I was neutral in the whole thing. I want to see him play of course, and I can do that with Michigan -- they're on television every week, and when they play Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota -- I could make it to all those games."

"Adrian is a long-time Michigan fan, and he went with his heart!"

"Michigan's plan is to give him a shot at playing time as a freshman. Adrian is 6-4, 185 lbs. so he needs to gain some weight and get stronger. He'll start that in ernest as soon as basketball season ends, and he will probably get up to Ann Arbor as soon as he can after school is out."

Adrian Arrington (Dec. 12 official visit, 2002 U-M Camper, U-M Nike stats: 6-4, 177 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 32.4 inch vertical, 4.28 sec. Shuttle … 3.5 GPA) from Cedar Rapids, Ia., George Washington, TheInsiders' #64 prospect and a U.S. Army Game participant. As a senior Arrington had 57 catches for 914 yards and 10 touchdowns and one two-point conversion catch on offense. He also had nine kickoff returns for 312 yards, including a 91-yard return for a touchdown.

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