Still No Leader For Hairston

<strong>Malik Hairston</strong> talks about visit plans, a decision time frame, and his interest in Michigan.

Malik Hairston was prominent on Michigan’s radar last year at this time. The strong mutual interest between he and the Wolverines led many to believe a commitment was imminent. However, a pledge by Joe Crawford muted Malik’s interest a bit and caused him to look more seriously at other schools. Through the commit, decommit, and subsequent pledge to attend Kentucky by Crawford, Hairston has remained interested in Michigan. However, recently he began to question exactly what type of fit he would be in Ann Arbor. In the interview (conducted yesterday) he addresses exactly what he means by “fit.” He also makes further mention of exactly how interested in the Maize and Blue he actually is.

So has there been any shakeup in your list since we last spoke?

“I’ve added Oklahoma to my list since we last talked. I think I’ll visit them either somewhere between the city and state championships or sometime after the season. I’m not real sure yet. I just don’t want to miss any practice.”

I know I ask you this every time, but do you have a leader?

“Nah, there’s no leader right now (laughing).”

One of the things you told me when we last spoke was that if Joe ended up at Michigan that you wouldn’t consider them anymore. Now that he has announced for Kentucky does that change where Michigan stands with you?

“Not necessarily. I still like Michigan but there hasn’t been much communication for the past month. They called me, but I’ve talked to the other schools much more. After Joe committed, Michigan began to call me more though.”

So are you saying that Michigan didn’t really show you love until after Joe committed?

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that. I will say that after he committed they showed me a lot more love though.”

Another thing you when we last spoke was you really didn’t see how you fit in at Michigan. Why is that? Were you referring to playing style? Playing time?

“They have a guard oriented basketball team. Wherever I go I’m going to work hard and make minutes for myself. Everyone is going have the same number of players on their team, but Michigan has four good backcourt players already.”

Do you have a time-frame for a decision?

“I plan on it being sometime soon. I would like to decide before the season is over, but I don’t have a firm date in mind.”

So what will your final decision come down to and do you still have a genuine interest in Michigan?

“It all comes down to where I feel the most comfortable. I’m still interested in Michigan. I’ll probably get back up there for a game.”

Tomorrow is the rematch with Crockett. The last game you guys had was pretty heated with the Crockett player bumping your coach at halftime and his (Coach White’s) subsequent comments in the paper about having the better team. Do you expect for this game to be just as heated?

“I expect it to be worse! It’s at their place and they’re coming at us. They’re trying to see some life in the playoffs and they want to beat us. We just have to be careful not to let the fact that Crockett was unsportsmanlike when they beat us last year turn into something on the court. Coach White was just in the heat of the moment with his comments after the game.”

You guys recently added transfer Carson Butler to the lineup. Talk about what he brings to the team.

“Aww man! Carson brings another tough player into the mix. He has heart and he’s strong as an ox, so you’re not going to box him out. He’s going to get his rebounds!”

So will it be his job to guard Isaac Knight during the tomorrow’s game?

“No, I’ll still probably check Isaac!”

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