Colvin Contemplating After USC In-home Visit

The recruiting process is reaching a climax for five-star wide receiver <b>Cameron Colvin</b> from Concord, Calif. De La Salle High School. TheInsiders No. 2 receiver hosted the USC coaches Saturday afternoon. On Saturday night GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke to Colvin and his guardian, Jay Lightner, to get the latest.

"He's a 17-year old child," Jay Lightner, godfather to Cameron Colvin, said. "This is a big decision for him and he's confused."

On Saturday afternoon Colvin and Lightner hosted the coaches, including Head Coach Carrol, from USC. Both Colvin and Lightner had questions that needed addressing and, according to both of them, those questions were answered. "We asked them about the Sekeli Faeteete situation; there are always two sides to each story and we wanted to hear theirs," Lightner said. "They said the deal was that they had him fill out a questionaire and part of that was about injuries. They saw he had some history of stingers and other problems and decided not to take the risk of giving him a $40,000 scholarship to have him come in and play one game, then get hurt and sit out the rest of the season. Now, if they had said anything about the greyshirt business we would have known they weren't being truthful, but the injury thing is a valid point, the scholarships aren't cheap."

Lightner also said the scholarship and depth issues were answered for them. "Cameron really doesn't care about the depth charts but I do," he said. "I wanted to know why they were telling us Cam was number one and they were telling another guy he was number one. They answered those for us."

Lightner then put Colvin on the phone. "The visit went well," he said. "They wanted to know if I had any questions because there are a lot of rumors out there. I was reading some of the articles out there about other wide receivers -- they were telling other guys the same thing they were telling me, and I wanted to know what that was about.

"They told me that we were the same kind of player and that we would both be coming in behind Mike Williams. They didn't think I would be as high on SC as I am so they told Dwayne Jarrett that he could come in and compete for the "X job." Well they were telling me the same thing so I wanted to know what that was all about. They told me that both receivers would be playing. I'm not really worried about competing against anyone, I figure I can come in and work hard and beat out anyone."

Colvin told GoBlueWolverine Magazine earlier that he was taking a visit to Cal after the SC coaches visit. Those plans changed. "I decided not to go," he said. "Coach Tedford called and wanted me to come down and check out what they had to offer, but I'm tired so I just stayed home."

The talented wideout recently hosted Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr and the two talked about jersey numbers. "I said I wanted to use my regular number my first year if I went to Michigan," Colvin said. "But then I wanted to compete for the number one jersey afterwards. I know that number means a lot, but I think I could handle it."

Earlier GBW reported that Colvin and Pomona defensive player Eugene Germany had developed a friendship during their USC visit and have talked about going to school together. "Yeah, Eugene and I talk; he's just as confused about things as I am," Colvin said. "We could end up going to school together, but then again we're two different people and there are so many different things out there that we could see things differently. But it would be nice to go to school with Eugene."

One thing Colvin was certain about. "I'll be glad when this is all over."

Colvin will make his choice known Feb. 4 at 3:15 p.m. Pacific Time on ESPN's Sportscenter.

Colvin's stats: (Sept. 13 U-M official visit, STAN Nike stats: 6-1, 188 lbs., 4.31 in the 40, 3.85 shuttle, 32.4 inch vertical, 13 bench press reps. … 2.6 GPA/16 ACT/860 SAT). He is's #16 prospect, and was one of the top three performers in the US Army All Star Game.

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