Illinois Midwest Lineman Draws Raves

Two of Barrington Ill. offensive lineman <b>Dan Doering</b>'s coaches have called us up over the past two days to offer their scouting reports on the huge O-line prospect. Plus: an expert weighs in on whether Doering is an early Wisconsin lean!

Offensive lineman Dan Doering (US Army Combine stats: 6-5 1/2, 270 lbs., 5.29 in the 40, 16 bench press reps.) from Barrington, Ill., is one of USA Today's Top Ten Juniors and already has a Michigan offer.

First a Barrington offensive assistant coach called us and offered this about Dan:

"In my short time here as a coach, eight years, Dan is the best high school offensive lineman I've seen. Before coaching here at Barrington I was offensive coordinator at a smaller school."

"As far as pure athletic ability, and work ethic, there are none better. I'd say he is more athletic than Mike Kolodziej was at the same stage."

"And Dan is very humble, and always strives to be better He wants to be the best lineman in the state ... and also he doesn't think he is, if you know what I mean. He has a great attitude and just wants to keep working to get better."

"Dan has 12-14 offers now ... Michigan is one of those schools who have offered that seriously interests him."

"I'm also the track coach here, and Dan is a very good shot-putter."

Then the offensive line coach called, and told us this:

"I've been coaching offensive linemen for 20 years. And I can say Dan is one of the better ones I've ever seen."

"He's the whole package: physical, active, and he plays through the whistle. He's a true offensive lineman ... he brings his lunch bucket to work every day if you know what I mean."

"It's great that he's getting a lot of attention, but it doesn't get to him. He's the type that just doesn't know what the hoopla is all about -- when he watches himself on film all he see is the mistakes he has to improve on."

As far as Michigan's interest in Andy: "I've known Andy Moeller for a long time -- he's been to the school, and we talked. Andy really likes Dan ... and I'd say Michigan is in the mix with what Dan is looking for as well."

And finally, Tom Lemming, who knows the Doerings well (they live in the same part of the Chicago area), has this to say about whether Dan has an early leader: "Wisconsin? Who told you that? Wisconsin doesn't lead for him -- no one leads. If he followed a college as a kid it was Notre Dame. I see the Doerings at church sometimes, so I know them pretty well. And Dan is completely open."

Ed. note: that is the worst picture of Dan that we can imagine! He's actually a very handsome, pink-cheeked, young man! At least the picture does fit a 'lunch bucket' image!

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