So today we present to you the remainder of Jim S' Instate Top 45, alphabetical by school. This is the second half of the list – schools "G" through "Z."">
So today we present to you the remainder of Jim S' Instate Top 45, alphabetical by school. This is the second half of the list – schools "G" through "Z."">

Jim S' Instate Jr. Prospects: "G" Thru "Z"

As we've said, the early a list of the "Super Seven" kids is always an approximation – every year by summer at least one guy from this Top 45 List breaks into the top group, usually two or three!<br><br> So today we present to you the remainder of Jim S' Instate Top 45, alphabetical by school. This is the second half of the list – schools "G" through "Z."

Kirk Elsworth RB/DB 6'2 205 4.50 Michigan Goodrich

Kirk is a true sleeper prospect, combining fine size with outstanding speed. He was named honorable mention Class B all-state as a junior.

Here is an article on him from the Flint Journal: "Goodrich junior carrying team through ootball playoffs ATHLETES OF THE WEEK GOODRICH THE FLINT JOURNAL FIRST EDITION Thursday, November 13, 2003 By Keith Morris JOURNAL SPORTS WRITER There is little doubt about who has been the key to Goodrich's memorable football season. Kirk Elsworth has been a standout on both sides of the ball. At safety, he makes big plays at crucial times. On offense, he makes big plays all the time. The junior tailback added to his impressive rushing totals with another huge performance in Goodrich's 42-6 Division 5 district championship win at Livonia Clarenceville on Friday. Elsworth scored all six of the Martians' touchdowns, amassing 187 yards on 21 carries as his team won two playoff games for the first time in school history. He has scored 30 touchdowns this season and rushed for 1,849 yards on 245 carries (7.5 average). He has scored nine touchdowns in two playoff games. Despite his extraordinary accomplishments on the football field, he is a team player through and through, which makes him popular with his teammates. 'He's an extremely talented young man,' said Goodrich coach Tom Alward. "He's confident in his abilities. You talk about his touchdowns and yards and all that is true, but he's a fine young man and he's respected by his teammates because he handles his success very well. "He's not cocky or arrogant. He's fun to be around. He knows how to handle success and he makes it easy for everybody to enjoy his accomplishments with him. "He's fun to watch play the game and he's going to be playing for some fortunate school in a couple of years." The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Elsworth, who rushed for a school-record 289 yards against Lake Fenton this season, combines speed and strength with an ability to break tackles. "He's got numerous Division I schools looking at him already," Alward said. "If there's a better back in the state, it's not by much. He has size, strength, moves and can catch the ball. He just does it all." With Elsworth leading the way, the Martians (8-3) have won seven consecutive games. They face unbeaten Erie Mason on the Eagles' home field for the regional championship at 7 p.m. Saturday, with the winner advancing to the state semifinals. His offensive exploits overshadow his fine play in the defensive secondary but there aren't many better defenders than Elsworth. "He's a big force on defense," his coach said. "It's nice to have him back there to bring people down and keep them from putting points on the board. He's excellent at defending the run too."

Here is what the Joural had o write in his All-League write-up: "Elsworth, a junior tailback, rushed for 970 yards and 12 touchdowns on 132 carries in five league games. He ran for a school-record 289 yards against Lake Fenton. He also caught two passes for 20 yards and another touchdown. He's 6-2, 205, runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds and squats over 450 pounds. 'He has size, strength, moves and he can catch the ball,' said Goodrich coach Tom Alward. 'He just does it all."

Alex Kiel TE/DB 6'4 190 4.70 Michigan Grand Haven

Alex is a real intriguing prospect as he has a nice frame, pretty good speed and has been productive playing in a real tough conference. As a junior he was named First Team OK-Red-Lakeshore Division and honorable mention Class A All-State by the Free Press. "Kiel is a guy that other coaches talked about more than I did," Grand Haven head coach Steve Hordyski told the Grand Haven Tribune. "He was a factor they had to coach around. Any time you have a tight end who can sit over the middle and make catches, teams can't run guys out of there. They have to cover him with a free safety. He also had a great year at free safety."

Hordyski had this to say about him to me last spring : "Alex is something special. He was a sophomore starter at tight end and will also start at free safety as a junior. He's 6'2, 185 and runs an estimated 4.7 forty. He's a very athletic TE. He's a Division 1 kid. His dad is huge, about 6'5, 280, so Alex will keep growing. I think that he could play at the U-M level. Everybody who uses a TE should take a look at him. We are not going to take him off the field next year. He's a bulldog. He works hard and he's a tough kid. He has very soft hands and quick feet. He started as a sophomore swingman on the basketball team. He can bench press 225 pounds. He's a multi-sport kid who doesn't lift much. He also plays baseball. He's my best college prospect in the school. He's receiving Big Ten attention in basketball and is hearing from Iowa for football. He has a 3.2 GPA."

Tom Korte LB/RB 6'1 220 Michigan Grand Rapids Catholic Central

Tom enjoyed a tremendous junior season and was a consensus First Team Class B all-state selection as a result. He hits and runs hard and is one of the elite prospects in western Michigan. Here are some press clipping from the local media.

Grand Rapids Advance: "TOM KORTE Catholic Central, LB Considered by many to be the finest linebacker in the City League, Tom (6-1, 221) is two-year starter that led his team in tackles for the past two seasons. One of few area players to dominate on both sides of the ball, Korte is a first-team all-state selection as a junior. Tom finished with 129 tackles, including 15 for loss. As a fullback, Korte rushed for 971 yards and 12 touchdowns. 'He is tough kid that does everything,' Passinault said".

Grand Rapids Press: "TOM KORTE, Catholic Central: A Class B first-team all-state linebacker, Korte also started on the Cougars state runner-up baseball team last spring. A two-year starter at fullback, he led the team in rushing with 155 carries for 971 yards and 12 touchdowns. And as a three-year starter at linebacker, he led them on defense with 47 solo tackles, 82 assists, eight solos for loss and 15 assists for loss as Catholic Central reached the Division 4 semifinals and won the City title. 'Tom is a gifted athlete,' said Cougars' coach Tom Passinault. "He can beat you with strength or beat you with finesse. His experience and leadership helped us tremendously.'"

Cameron Bradfield DL/TE/OL 6'6 240 Michigan Grand Rapids Creston

From the same program that has produced Rueben Riley, Terna Nande and Justin Hoskins the past three years comes yet another Division 1 talent. He actually converted to linebacker from defensive end as a junior starter. He is also quite athletic, being one of the top basketball players in western Michigan. This youngster really intrigues me and could move rapidly up the charts.

His head coach, Sparky McEwen, had this to say about him last spring: "Cameron was a sophomore starter at DE and will also start at TE as a junior. He's 6'6 1/2, 235. He's the best basketball player on the team. He has unbelievably soft hands for a man his size. He runs well and is strong. He can do 12 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press. As a basketball player he's a definite Big Ten kid. As a football player, he's a Division 1 prospect. I think at the Big Ten level. He could play at the U-M level. He's showing he can be a dominant player. U-M will be all over him. He has a 3.7 GPA."

Demetrius Thocher OL/DL 6'3 290 Michigan Grand Rapids Creston

Joins Bradfield as a major college talent out of Creston. As a junior he was named all-area by the Grand Rapids Advance, which had the following to say about him: "DEMETRIUS THOCHER Creston, C A powerful drive blocker for the Polar Bears, Demetrius established himself as one of the premier linemen in the area. Just a junior, Thocher (6-3, 290) earned first-team all-City honors and anchored Creston's offensive line. 'Demetrius has tremendous power, strength, and speed all in one,' said Creston coach Sparky McEwen. 'He made all our line calls for us. He is a two-year starter and he had eight pancake blocks this year."

Coach McEwen had this to say about Demetrius to me last spring 2003: "Demetrius was a sophomore starter at center. He's 6'3, 308. He's a definite big-time lineman. He's our next big-time lineman after Ruben Riley. Right now, at the same age, Thocher and Riley are similar - laid back attitudes but tough and hard-nosed on the field. His dad is 6'7 and mom is 6'2. The kid will be huge. He also plays some NT. He can do 15 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press. He's a real smart player and makes all of our defensive calls. He will be a Big Ten kid because he will grow some more. He's a solid student with a 3.0 GPA."

Brian Klesmith OL 6'7 275 Michigan Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills

Brian is one of my super sleeper picks and a potential top ten in-state prospect. Remember his name. He could be the next Jake Long or…..Brandon Peters. His junior season was his first year of varsity ball, but he has come a long way and grown quite a bit. You just can't teach size and 6'7 tackles with athleticism are at a premium.

He was named First Team All-Area by the Grand Rapids Advance, which had the following to say about him: "BRIAN KLESMITH Ottawa Hills, T Considered by many to be the top tackle in the City, Brian (6-7, 275) is an ummovable force on Ottawa Hills' young offensive line. Only a junior, Klesmith has attracted the attention of several Division 1 universities, as Brian has developed into a dominate run and pass blocker. Klesmith is more than just a big body. He plays with agility and athleticism. 'I am biased, but I feel like he's the best lineman in the City,' Ottawa coach Chuck Ruffin said."

Ahmed Gause OL/DL 6'4 320 Michigan Harper Woods Trinity

Ahmed could be a big-time recruit if he watches his weight. He played at Detroit King as a freshman before transferring to Trinity. Former Trinity head coach George Sahadi had this to say about him last year: "Ahmed was a sophomore starter at OT and played some DT. He will start both ways as a junior. He's 6'5, 280. He's Jamaal's younger brother. He will also be a big-time player. He and Antonio Hinton are stud recruits for next year. Ahmed has a GPA just above 2.0 but is a bright kid. He's tough, strong, has good reaction speed and is really determined. He's as good as any of the kids we have sent to U-M. He already benches over 300 pounds and is only 15 years old. He l camp at Michigan but came in weighing over 300 pounds, which didn't help."

Detroit King head coach Jim Reynolds had this to say about him last spring: "He's real aggressive and big. He's a big-time player."

Mikhail Eisler QB 6'5 215 4.80 Michigan Holt

Another super sleeper, Eisler is tough, big, has a cannon for an arm and has good running ability and athleticism. He is second only to Sharpley among in-state QB prospects, and some think he's even better. Eisler really wowed them at the Purdue camp after his freshman year and was named a camp MVP. He had a solid sophomore campaign and big things were expected of him as a junior but he went down for the year with a severe knee injury in week two, so he is a bit of a sleeper prospect entering his senior season.

Lansing Everett head coach Marcelle Carruthers had this to say about him last spring: "Coach Smith told me that he performed well at the Purdue camp last summer. He has the skills. He's a good leader. Right now he's Division 1 caliber. He's very accurate with his throws. In their offense they didn't go deep against us, so I don't know about his arm strength."

Lansing Sexton head coach Daniel Boggan had this to say about him last spring: "I think he makes very good decisions. He has the Division 1 body."

Holt head coach Mike Smith had this to say about him last spring: "Mikhail is the best college football prospect in the school. He was a sophomore starter at QB. He's 6'4, 210 and runs a 4.8 forty. He's running track right now and will get that time down. He's a nice run-pass combination QB. He's very similar to Mark Catlin except he has size and is not as fast as Catlin. He's very, very composed for a sophomore. He's stays in the pocket but can also run. He's a very intelligent kid and is an honor roll student. He has a gun for an arm. He can throw the ball 70 or 80 yards. He's big and strong. He also has good accuracy. He was the MVP at the Purdue camp last summer. MVP for the entire camp, irrespective of age. He has the best Division 1 potential of all of my kids. He can play Division 1 at the highest level - U-M, MSU, anywhere. He will be able to go anywhere. I have never had a QB his size. He's also a pretty good basketball player. He was a varsity starter at forward as a sophomore. He's definitely one of the top ten in-state football underclassmen. He can run. He can throw. He can take a hit."

Ryan Allison WR 6'4 195 4.50 Michigan Lake Orion

Roger's "little" brother has emerged as an in-state top 15 prospect, especially after wowing people at the U.S. Army junior combine in San Antonio recently. At San Antonio, Allison tested better than any of the other wide receivers, running an impressive 4.59 in the forty (all the times in San Antono were very slow) and putting up a solid 16 reps in the bench press (he must be training with Roger and Will!). Ryan is a different sort of athlete than his brother, not a bruiser but smoother.

His head coach, Steve Bell, had this to say about him last winter: "Ryan is the younger brother of Roger Allison. He's more of a refined athlete than Roger. He's a hurdler in track and runs very well. He's 6'4, 190 and runs about a 4.7 or 4.75 forty. He's a smooth player and is still growing. He had about 15 catches as a sophomore before being hurt in game 7. He will be a very good college prospect due to his size and speed."

Ryan has shown tremendous improvement over the past year, is filling into his body and has gotten faster. He went to the state finals in the 400 meter hurdles as a sophomore.

Jacob Wyatt WR/DB 6'2 175 4.58 Michigan Lansing Sexton

Jacob is a prospect I really like and he has gotten very little ink. He's also an outstanding wrestler and sprinter in track (seeded highly in state 400 meters). He will easily get his weight up once he stops wrestling. He is a better college prospect than Sexton senior Marcus Winston, who recently signed with Cincinnati.

Sexton head coach Daniel Boggan had this to say about him last spring: "Jacob is a definite high-level Division 1 kid. He's 6'1 1/2, 170 and runs a 4.58 forty. He has a 3.95 GPA. He has been a starter since his freshman season at FS. He finished third in the state in wrestling at 160 pounds. As a freshman he ran on the 4x400 meter relay team that finished second in the state to Mumford. He ran a 50.0 400 meter split as a freshman. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He's a phenomenal athlete. Pre-football season he ran the 4.58. He will be in the high 4.4s after this (sophomore) track season. He benches 250 pounds. He's one of the hardest hitters we've had. There's no doubt that he could play at a U-M or MSU. He has the potential to be better than Marcus Winston. He's a year younger and is getting better and bigger and has a phenomenal work ethic. He's one of those kids who competes with everything he has. He's just a great kid. Whoever gets him will have a gem. He is already hearing from the MAC, Iowa and Purdue. As a sophomore he tied for second on the team with 77 tackles. He also had 2 interceptions. He can play either FS or SS. He will play at 175-180 as a junior and 190 as a senior."

Michael Koster WR/DB/P 6'4 220 4.70 Michigan Lowell

Michael was a consensus Dream Team all-stater as a junior and is one of the top ten prospects in the state. He has oustanding size together with good athleticism and decent speed. He may project at TE at the Big Ten level. One astute prep observer noted that he has great hands and is a definite top ten in-state prospect, but lacks the speed to play WR and will need to hit the weights to play TE.

The Grand Rapids Press had this to say about him: "MICHAEL KOSTER, Lowell: A two-time Class A first-team all-stater and member of the Dream Team, Koster led the Red Arrows to last year's Division 2 state title and to the regional finals this year. 'Mike is a gifted athlete whose abilities have contributed greatly to our success,' said Lowell coach Noel Dean. 'We are very excited to have him returning for one more year.' This past year, Koster was consistently double- and triple-teamed, yet he still caught 85 passes for 1,305 yards and 11 touchdowns. His career numbers -- 176 catches for 2,765 yards -- rank him second in the MHSAA record book. His 29 touchdowns receiving are fifth overall. On defense, Koster totaled eight interceptions and two fumble recoveries. He also punted 25 times for an average of 42.9 yards and a 3.2 yard per return average."

The Detroit Free Press said the following: "E MIKE KOSTER School: Lowell. Class: Junior. Size: 6-3, 215. 1Highlights: Made 85 catches for 1,305 yards and 11 TDs. Has state record 176 catches for career. Made eight interceptions and two fumble recoveries. Punted for a 42.9-yard average. Coach Noel Dean: 'He catches every ball thrown no matter how it's thrown or where it's thrown.'"

The Detroit News said the following: "Mike Koster, Lowell A two-year starter, Koster had 93 receptions as a sophomore as Lowell went 13-1 and won the Division 2 title. This season, he had 63 receptions during the regular season for 907 yards and 10 touchdowns. In Lowell's first two playoff, games Koster caught 13 passes for 240 yards and a touchdown. As a defensive back, he had four interceptions and one fumble recovery. He also punted 25 times for a 42.9-yard average. 'Even with being consistently double- and, at times, triple-covered Mike has big numbers,' Coach Noel Dean said. 'He maintained his production even though he had a new quarterback to work with.'"

Ralpheal Bethea WR/RB/DB 5'11 180 4.50 Michigan Macomb L'Anse Creuse North

Sadly, Ralpheal had to sit out his junior season after transferring back to L'Anse Creuse North from Clintondale, where he had attended classes for just one semester last spring. So he's a bit of a sleeper, despite putting up huge numbers (over 1500 yards rushing) and earning a Second Team spot on the All-Metro East team as a mere sophomore.

Clintondale head coach Jim Scarcelli had this to say about him last spring: "Ralpheal just transferred in from L'Anse Creuse North last month. He has poor grades. We will work like heck on getting his grades in order. He is fast, an estimated 4.5 forty, and he's 5-11, 180. He may be quicker than 4.5. I would say he's a Division 1 prospect. Big Ten schools will take a look. I would hate to say at this point if he's a U-M kid. I would recommend that U-M evaluates him, but I still haven't coached him (and never did). He is fast, tough and makes people miss. He makes people miss in the open field. He is a physically strong kid, probably a 250 pound bench presser."

Utica Eisenhower head coach Bob Lantzy had this to say about him last spring: "He's the best in the County. He's a definite Division 1 player. I saw him against Chippewa and he had more than 250 yards rushing, more than our entire team had against them, so so much for claims that he racks up the big yards against weak opponents. He's one of the top players in the state."

Scarcelli (a former Michigan player) and Lantzy know talent, so watch out, because Ralpheal looks to be the top "small" back in the state.

Anthony Crump WR 6'5 205 4.80 Michigan Muskegon

Overshadowed by teammate Terrance Taylor, but some feel that Crump may have the better long-term potential.

Muskegon head coach Tony Annese had this to say about him last spring: "Anthony could be as good at DeMonte Collins. He will start at WR as a junior. He played JV as a sophomore since we had two great senior WRs. He's 6'4 or 6'5, 205 and runs a 4.8 forty. He also played on the varsity basketball team as a sophomore. He's a big possession receiver who runs pretty well for his size. He bench presses 250 pounds. He will be our best WR as a junior. He's a Division 1, Big Ten kid if he keeps on working and gets faster. He has great hands and is a great athlete. He has a 3.6 GPA."

One astute prep observer believes that Crump has tremendous upside and is an in-state top ten prospect. He really made a lot of progress as a junior now that he has truly dedicated himself to football. He's still grwoing into his body and is a classic late-bloomer as compared to teammate Taylor, who matured physically at a very early age. Watch out!

Chris McLaurin LB/TE/DL 6'4 235 4.80 Michigan Orchard Lake St. Mary's

Chris made quite a bit of progress as a junior and is now viewed as a legitimate Division 1 prospect. He was named Second Team All-Metro North by the Free Press, Third Team Oakland Press All-County and First Team All-Area by the Eccentric papers.

St. Mary's head coach had this to say about Chris last winter: "Chris was a sophomore starter at LB. He's 6'3, 215 and runs a 4.8 forty. He's a very smart and tough player. He has a chance to go Division 1."

The Eccentric had this to say about him: "CHRISTOPHER McLAURIN, Orchard Lake St. Mary's: The 6-4, 235-pound junior certainly made his way to the football in his second varsity campaign, totaling 50 tackles and collecting 9 1/2 sacks and two fumble recoveries. 'When he hit you, you felt it,' St. Mary's coach George Porritt said. 'He has some big-play potential and will get even better.''

Emmanuel Southern TE/LB 6'4 220 4.60 Michigan Saginaw

One of several talented prospects at Saginaw High, Southern is a potential in-state top ten prospect. Southern earned Honorable Mention All-Saginaw Valley as a junior.

Former Saginaw head coach Donald Durrett had this to say about him last winter: "Emmanuel Southern was a sophomore starter for us at tight end. He's 6'4, 220 and runs a 4.6 forty. He also plays outside linebacker. He's a real good-looking player. He's a cousin of Otis Washington (currently at Vanderbilt) and is definitely a Big Ten level Division 1 prospect. He will be a top ten player in the state by the time he's a senior. He also starts on the JV basketball team."

Jermaine Jenkins QB 6'2 200 4.50 Michigan Saginaw

An athletic quarterback with a strong arm, Jermaine was named First Team All-Saginaw Valley at QB and Honorable Mention Class A All-State by the Detroit News. Check out these track seeding before the 2003 Lower Peninsula Division 2 State Track Finals: Seeded 10th in the high jump at 6-2, 20th in long jump at 20-4.50 and 22nd in 400-meters at 52.10. He has the athleticism to play in the secondary at the Big Ten level. His older brother, Asea, was a Division 1 recruit last year as a TE.

Jamaal Hibler WR/DB 6'0 190 Michigan Saginaw

Jamaal earned First Team All-Saginaw Valley honors as a junior WR and, together with twin brother Jamar (DB), forms the state's most talented set of twins. He also excels in basketball and has the speed, quickness and athleticism to play football at the Big Ten level. Saginaw really produces the skill kids, and often they have to wait their turn before contributing. Jamaal exploded on the scene a a junior and should be one of the state's top receiver prospects next year.

Kyle Myczkowiak LB/RB 6'3 205 4.60 Michigan Saginaw Heritage

Kyle is a rangy and athletic linebacker who was named First Team Division 2 All-State by the Detroit Free Press. He is a possible top 15 in-state prospect and the school's best prospect since Stuart Schweigert.

Heritage head coach Brett Foerster had this to say about him last spring: "Kyle is the real deal. He's my best player. He's a great one. He was a sophomore starter at RB and LB and was named Second Team All-League at LB. He's 6'3, 200 and runs a 4.6 forty. He rushed for 520 yards as a sophomore but he couldn't play RB a few games because he hurt his shoulder. We won every game he played RB and lost every game he didn't. He's a Division 1 prospect, no question. He can play at the UM /MSU level. He's my strongest kid in the weight room. He benches 225, power cleans 235 and squats over 400 pounds. He's not done growing. He has long arms and great football awareness. He could play QB if I needed him there. He has a 3.2 GPA. He's a touch below Schweigert's speed, but as far as an overall football player he's the best I've had. He comes from a very athletic family. By the time he's a senior he will be close to 6'4, 225 with very good range and foot speed. He's aggressive and has a great nose for the ball. He had 2 interceptions as a sophomore. He's just all over the field. He allows me to do different things defensively. He's definitely one of the top 10 juniors in the state."

I really like Kyle as a prospect. He has a nice frame and solid athleticism. Once he fills out he could be an outstanding college player. He sort of reminds me of formetr Wolverine Mike Elston.

Gerald Gershim DL/OL 6'4 280 4.70 Michigan Southfield

From the same prep program as current Wolvereine Gabriel Watson, if Gerald can stay eligible he would be among the premier line prospects in the midwest. He is strong and athletic. As a mere sophomore, he finished second in the state Class A meet in the shot put with a toss of 52-11.25.

His head coach, David Reese, had this to say about him last year: "Gerald was ineligible as a sophomore but will be eligible as a junior. He will start at DE and on the OL. He's 6'4, 280 and runs a 4.7 forty. He's a phenomenal athlete. He benches 325 and squats 475. He's also real tough. He's the mirror image of Karon Riley. He's a Big Ten athlete but will probably prop and go MAC or JUCO. He probably projects at DE in college. He's like a (former Southfield star and current Michigan DT) Gabe Watson situation in that he could support his entire family if he really wanted to."

Kevin Kilgo TE/LB 6'5 280 Michigan Sterling Heights Stevenson

Kevin will be a rare three-year starter at Stevenson. As a college prospect, he has outgrown tight end and will likely wind up on the offensive line. Stevenson head coach Rick Bye had this to say about him last spring: "Kevin could be a U-M caliber kid and I've only said that about three sophomores - Rob Doherty, Pete Chryplewicz and Tom Berishaj - in the past 15 years. He's probably not as quick as Pete but he has all the tools. He's 6'5, 235. He started every game for us as a sophomore at TE. He's got quickness. He just got better every week. He was a junior high RB. He's got good feet, caught the ball well as a sophomore and is a good blocker."

Look for Kevin to join Doherty, Chryplewicz and Berishaj as a major college recruit.

Ben Van Zale LB/RB 6'1 240 Michigan Traverse City West

One of the best prospects to emerge from northern Michigan in recent history, Van Zale is an old-style linebacker/fullback. As a junior he was named First Team Division 1 All-State by the Free Press and was named the Treaverse City area's defensive player of the year by the Traverse City Record-Eagle, which had the following to say about him: "6'0, 240. Two-way threat had 136 tackles, including 88 first-hits, as Titans earned second straight playoff berth. Had five sacks and 10 other tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Also returned an interception 55 yards for a touchdown. On offense, led TC West with 963 yards on 147 carries, a 6.6 average. Scored 18 touchdowns for the Big North Conference champions. First team all-Big North on both offense and defense."

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