First Guess Recruit List

As we keep trying to make sense of possible U-M junior recruits for you -- here is a "First Guess U-M Junior Recruit List."

Note: remember, this is just a first guess -- it is not a definitive list. At least the numbers are about right -- there are 36 kids listed below, plenty for fill the approx. 10 more scholarship slots available.


- Quarterback Evan Sharpley (6-3, 190 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 4.0 GPA) from Marshall, Mich. Sharpley, considered the top instate quarterback and one of the top five instate prospects overall, attended the OSU game last fall. He reportedly grew up a Michigan fan. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible recruit: Quarterback Jake Christiansen (6-1, 205 lbs., 4.6 in the 40) from Lockport Township, Ill. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

Running Back

- Junior commitment #1: Running back Kevin Grady (2002 U-M Camper, 5-9, 230 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 2.7 GPA) from East Grand Rapids, Mich. The consensus #1 instate junior finished his junior season with 2,507 yards (including 235 in the State Championship victory) and 39 touchdowns. He committed Sept. 8, 2003, after attending the Houston game and before attending the Notre Dame game. He plans to enroll at U-M in Jan. 2005. Emfinger Tailback #1.

Wide Receiver

- Junior commitment #4: Wide receiver Mario Manningham (6-0, 180 lbs., 4.4 in the 40) from Warren, Ohio, Harding ( the alma mater of Prescott Burgess). Manningham, a long-time Michigan fan, made an unofficial visit to Michigan for the Indiana game, and committed to the Wolverines on Feb. 5, the day after Signing Day. Considered one of Ohio's top three prospects, as a junior he made 32 receptions, for 700 yards and 11 touchdowns as Harding went 10-1. Emfinger Wide Receiver #1.

- Possible U-M recruit: Wide receiver Ryan Allison (6-2 1/2, 195 lbs., 4.59 in the 40, 4.47 shuttle, 29 inch vertical jump, 16 bench press reps.) from Lake Orion Mich., brother of U-M signee Roger. Mr. Allison told us about Ryan a year ago when we were talking about Roger. We expect to see Ryan at the U-M Junior Day on Leap Day, Feb. 29 for the OSU game.

Tight End

- Junior commitment #2: ‘Jumbo athlete' James McKinney (US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 274 lbs., 5.10 in the 40, 14 bench press reps., 24 1/2 inch vertical jump, 2.7 GPA) from Louisville, Kent., Central. He made unofficial visits for the Notre Dame and OSU games -- and committed shortly after the OSU game. At the U.S. Army Junior Combine he reminded us of Carl Diggs in how he moves, plays, etc. McKinney is a true 'jumbo athlete' who could end up at any one of a number of positions, including tight end, linebacker or defensive line. Emfinger Tight End #2.

Offensive Lineman

- Junior commitment #3: Offensive lineman Justin Schifano (2003 Michigan Camper, 2003 PSU Nike stats: 6-4, 302 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 30 bench press reps. of 185 lbs.) from Webster, N.Y., Schroeder. He told us he actually committed during his unofficial visit for the Notre Dame game Sept. 15, but he made his commitment public on Jan. 15. Schifano is a three-year starter at offensive tackle for Schroeder High School, which won the state title his freshman and sophomore seasons and lost its only game his junior season in the state championship game. He was considered perhaps the top offensive lineman at the 2003 PSU Nike Camp. Emfinger Offensive Guard #6.

- Offensive tackle Dan Doering (US Army Combine stats: 6-5 1/2, 270 lbs., 5.29 in the 40, 16 bench press reps.) from Barrington, Ill. He has a Michigan offer, and it is assumed that Michigan will end up in his final five. Doering is one of USA Today's Top Ten Juniors. Emfinger Offensive Tackle #3.

- Offensive tackle Aleksey Lanis (6-6, 300 lbs.) from Los Angeles Crenshaw. Michigan is recruiting him hard. Emfinger Offensive Tackle #6.

- Possible recruit: Offensive lineman Matt Pipho (6-7, 250 lbs., 5.2 in the 40) from La Porte City Union, Ia. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible recruit: Offensive lineman A.J. Haas (6-5, 300 lbs.) from Copley, Ohio, considered perhaps one of the two top Ohio O-Linemen. His coach told us recently, "He likes the Big Ten, I know that ... but I'm not sure if he's been to Michigan. He has attended the OSU and PSU camps in the past." About Haas' ability he says: "He's 6-5, he moves his feet well, he certainly passes the look test ... he had a good junior year and we think he'll be the dominent offensive lineman in this area next seson. We're Division II, we've been very successful, we've been in the playoffs that past 5-6 years ... last year we made the regional semifinals."

- Possible recruit: Offensive lineman Dave McClain (6-5, 315 lbs., 5.3 in the 40) from Doylestown, Penn., Central Bucks East. His coach in the past has been Dave Armstrong Sr., father of former U-M player Dave. We are told Dave is a Michigan fan.

- Possible recruit: Lineman Ahmed Gause (6-4, 300 lbs.) from Harper Woods Trinity (formerly Bishop Gallagher, a prominent U-M pipeline: Darnell Hood, Markus and Julius Curry, et al.).

Defensive Linemen

- Nose tackle Terrance Taylor (2003 U-M Camper, 6-0, 285 lbs., 4.9 in the 40) from Muskegon, Mich. Taylor is one of the top two instate juniors, along with Kevin Grady, and has a Michigan offer. He attended several Michigan games last fall, and tells us Michigan is his leader. As a junior he made 68 tackles including 10 sacks. He is one of USA Today's Top Ten Juniors. Emfinger Nose Tackle #3.

- Defensive lineman Ekom Udofia (6-2, 290 lbs., 4.68 in the 40, 380 lb. max bench, 600 lb. squat, 4.1 GPA/1160 PSAT) from Scottsdale, Ariz., Chaparral. USC is his early favorite, with Michigan perhaps second. As a junior he recorded 72 tackles including 12 sacks. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Defensive end Christian Fleming (6-5, 250 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Erie, Penn., Strong Vincent. As a junior he made 41 tackles for loss and 23 sacks. He reportedly has a Michigan offer.

- Defensive lineman Mataele Pau'u (USC Nike Stats: 6-3, 295 lbs., 5.2 in the 40, 27 rep.s of 185 pounds.) from Manhattan Beach, Mir Costa. Michigan may be his favorite. As a junior he made 76 tackles including 11 sacks.

- Possible U-M recruit: Tight end/defensive end J.B. Paxson (6-3, 260 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 315 lbs. bench press) from Greenwood, Ind., Center Grove (Adam Finley's alma mater). Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible U-M recruit: Defensive/offensive lineman Rocco Cirroni (6-6, 250 lbs.) from Warren, Ohio, Harding. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible U-M recruit: Lineman Terrance Jamison (6-4, 230 lbs.) from Harvey, Ill., Thornton. Terance is the brother is U-M signee Tim, and U-M was able to make casual-contact with him when they did their in-homes and in-schools with Tim. Terrance is considered a DE prospect like his brother, but started on the O-line as a junior.

- Possible U-M recruit: Defensive end/Tight End Antonio Hinton (2003 Michigan Camper, 6-5, 265 lbs., 4.60 in the 40) from Harper Woods, Mich., Trinity. If he qualifies he could be right up there with Grady and Taylor as the top instate juniors. Harper Woods Trinity (formerly Bishop Gallagher) has been a prominent U-M pipeline: Darnell Hood, Markus and Julius Curry, et al.


- Linebacker Ryan Reynolds (US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 215 lbs., 4.65 in the 40, 4.17 shuttle, 29 inch vertical jump, 34 bench press reps.) from Las Vegas, Nev., Bishop Gorman. Reynolds is on of USA Today's Top Ten juniors. Michigan has offered him, and he has told us that he will most likely make an official visit to Michigan. Emfinger Weakside linebacker #1.

- Linebacker Brandon Logan (US Army Combine stats: 6-0, 189 lbs., 4.72 in the 40, 11 bench press reps., 26 inch vertical jump.) from Lexington, Kent., Catholic. Brandon is a two-time Michigan Camper and has a U-M offer. The Wolverines lead. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

-Linebacker Brian Cushing (6-3, 230 lbs., 4.5 in the 40) from Bergen, N.J. Catholic. The top junior linebacker prospect in the state, last season he played all over the field, making 120 tackles, 9 sacks, 7 interceptions and 22 tackles for a loss. He was 1st team All-State by the Associated Press, and reportedly has strong interest in Michigan. Emfinger Strongside linebacker #4.

- Possible U-M recruit: Linebacker Chris Jeske (6-2, 215 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 4.3 GPA) from Joliet, Ill., Catholic (Mike Kolodziej's alma mater). As a junior Jeske made 163 tackles, 113 solo as Joliet Catholic won the Illinois State 5A title. He has early offers from Wisconsin and Northwestern, and Michigan visited his school in December. He will most likely attend summer camps at Michigan and Ohio State. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible U-M recruit: Linebacker Andrew Hawken (6-2, 220 lbs., 4.65 in the 40) from Grandville, Mich. As a junior he missed 1 1/2 games due to injury, but recorded 1270 yards and 23 touchdowns (as well as 38 receptions) to lead Grandville to the Division 1 semifinals. He grew up a Michigan fan and had plans to attend the Feb. 29th Ohio State game Junior Day. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Possible U-M recruit: Linebacker Nick Lawrence (6-3, 215 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Brighton. Brighton -- home of Clint Copenhaver, Drew Henson and Dave Pearson. One of the state's top 15 prospects.

- Possible U-M recruit: Outside linebacker/defensive end Carson Butler (6-5, 228 lbs., 4.6 in the 40) from Detroit Renaissance. A transfer from Lansing Waverly who had to sit out last season due to transfer rules. May be the top ‘sleeper' in the state.

- Possible U-M recruit: Linebacker Emmanuel Southern (6-4, 220 lbs.,4.6 in the 40) from Saginaw, Mich.

Defensive Backs

- Cornerback/athlete Justin King (5-11, 182 lbs., 2003 PSU Nike stats: 4.29 in the 40, 3.72 sec. shuttle, 37.1 inch vertical jump, 11 bench press reps., 3.0 GPA) from Monroeville. Considered perhaps the #1 junior prospect in Pennsylvania, he rushed as a junior for 1,763 yards (8.2 yards per carry) and 29 touchdowns; and as a cornerback he recorded 28 tackles, three fumble recoveries, and three interceptions. His stepfather/coach (a PSU grad) told us Justin would visit U-M for it's late Feb. Junior Day, for a spring practice, and for the Michigan Summer Camp.

- Wideout/cornerback Derrick Williams from Greenbelt, Md., Roosevelt, whose US Army Combine Stats were: 5-11 1/2, 185 lbs., 4.41 in the 40, 31 inch vertical jump. True, Michigan has not offered him and did not visit his school in Dec./Jan. -- but if he'd like to play CB in college U-M is likely to come after him hard! He has told us that he is interested in Michigan. Emfinger Wide Receiver #3.

- Safety Adam Myers-White (6-3, 200 lbs.) from Hamilton, Ohio. The head coach at Hamilton was until recently Wolverine Andy Mignery's father (he recently retired). Myers-White plans to attend the Feb. 29 Junior Day ... but OSU reportedly leads.

- Possible U-M recruit: Defensive back Michael Ray Garvin (U.S. Army combine stats: 5-8, 175 lbs, 4.35 in the 40, 4.33 shuttle, 30 inch vertical jump, 22 bench press reps.) from Ramsey, N.J. Don Bosco. At the U.S. Army Junior Combine a Don Bosco coach came over and introduced himself to us. We talked about 03/04 prospect Brian Toal a bit, puzzling over wht he did not make an official visit to U-M. But the coach mainly came over to tell us, "I've got a guy here who also came with us when a bunch of us from Don Bosco visited Michigan for a spring practice last April. There he is -- his name is Michael Ray Garvin. He's had the fastest 40 time here I think, and he really likes Michigan!" We watched Garvin, and had to wonder if we were watching an All American, or this year's 'Terrail Lambert'. Here are Garvin's combine stats: 5-7 1/2, 172 lbs., a blazing 4.37 in the 40 (fastest time at the combine), 4.33 shuttle, an excellent 22 bench press reps. (best of all DB's), and a very good 30 inch vertical jump. We'll see if the height measurement holds back his recruitment or not.

- Possible U-M recruit: Cornerback/safety Brandon Harrison (5-10, 180 lbs.) from Dayton, Ohio Chaminade-Julienne. Emfinger Free Safety #2.


- Possible U-M recruit: Kicker Brandon Fetterolf (5-10, 170 lbs.) from Midland, Mich. Michigan is probably looking for a punter, but Brandon is really a place kicker. He made 12 field goals last season, with a long of 46 yards.

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