Ohio DB Has Michigan Offer

It's starting off as a battle between the home school and Michigan for this talented Ohio defensive back. The Wolverine staff has excelled at pulling kids out of the Buckeye State and with this prospect there is the added advantage that his father played for Bo. Will that make a difference? It's early and you can be sure other schools will be calling; as a matter of fact, they are already.

Hamilton, Ohio is the home of one former Michigan player. Andy Mignery recently concluded his playing career at Michigan and hails from Hamilton. Now the Michigan staff is hoping to bring another Hamilton player to the roster as they were the first to offer free safety Adam Myers-White. GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke with the Hamilton Head Coach Mark Kalugyer Wednesday afternoon and he said this one has begun as a battle between Michigan and Ohio State, but that there is a lot of interest from other schools for the talented player. "He's getting a lot of mail," Kalugyer said. "Colorado has been contacting him for two years but at the moment only Michigan and Ohio State have offered. He's going down to Cincinnati this weekend and I'm sure they'll offer him then."

Kalugyer said that while Myers-White played free-safety for Hamilton last season, he plans on using him more on offense this coming season. "He'll play running back and wide receiver for us next season," he said. "He plays free safety for us but he can also play corner. He has great cover skills and good feet, and he's fast. He runs about a 4.4-4.5 40 and hits real hard. He's 6 foot 4 and with his speed, he is all over receivers."

Coach Kalugyer said Myers-White is the son of former Wolverne Coleman White who played for Bo Schembechler, but that Adam isn't being pushed towards any school. "I just talked to his mom the other day and she said they are going to let Adam make the best choice for him," Kalugyer said. "He really doesn't have a favorite at the moment because it's still early. He's a great kid and will take his time to make the right decision for himself." Kalugyer went on to say Myers-White is an outstanding person as well, "He's the kind of kid you'd want your daughter to date," he said. "He's carried a 4.1 grade-point-average on a 4.0 scale and is just a great person to be around."

Kalugyer said Myers-White plays basketball for Hamilton at the two-guard position and while talented there as well, isn't being recruited for hoops by anyone. He also performs in the high jump during the spring. Kalugyer said while he wasn't certain Myers-White would be attending Junior Day at Michigan, it was likely. He is being recruited by Michigan Defensive Coordinator Jim Herrmann. "Coach Herrmann has been by the school." Kalugyer said.

Myers-White Stats: 6-4, 200 lbs, 4.5 in the 40, 4.1 GPA

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