Ohio RB Javon Ringer

GBW caught up with Dayton (Ohio) Chaminade-Julienne&#8217;s <strong>Javon Ringer</strong> a few nights ago and the confident running back filled us in on his recruitment and his decision timetable. This articulate young man doesn&#8217;t doubt his abilities and he&#8217;s willing to prove to others that they shouldn&#8217;t either.

Javon Ringer is considered by some to be the top runningback in Ohio next year. Some have questioned his size but Chaminade Coach Jim Place scoffed at such concerns in my interview with him and indicated that his stud ball carrier has all the attributes of a big time back. When I spoke to Javon shortly after, it became extremely clear that he has the confidence and drive to be successful. While some might take his comments as cockiness, it definitely did not come across that way in our conversation. He’s just a young man that is supremely confident in his abilities, while at the same time not looking for anything to be given to him.

What schools have you heard from thus far?

Ohio State, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Indiana, and Michigan are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.”

Did you grow up a fan of any a particular school?

“I grew up following Ohio State and Michigan. Those are my main two.”

Have you received any offers yet?

“Yeah, Iowa has offered me.”

Will you be at Michigan’s junior day at the end of the month?

”I’m not really sure yet.”

Do you know what summer camps you’ll be going to?

“I got a letter to go to the Ohio State’s camp and I got a letter to go to Michigan’s camp, so I might go to those two in addition to the Nike Camp.”

Your teammate Brandon Harrison said in a recent interview that he wanted to make a decision about which school he would attend before the start of next season. Do you have similar plans?

“Yeah. He and I have talked about that and we both would like to get that out of the way before next football season starts.”

What will be the most significant factors in your decision?

“Well, part of it will be whoever is looking at me hardest and whoever wants me the most. Truthfully, one of the main things will be whoever can tell me that I might have the opportunity to come in and start my freshman year. I don’t need to them to tell me that I’m definitely going to come in and start because I’ll work for it. I just want the opportunity because I feel like I’ll be good enough by that time to be a starter. I’m not the type that will say, ‘I demand to start or I’m not coming to your school.’ That’s not me at all. All I want is a shot. I’m willing to work for and earn it.”

Ringer's stats: 5-11, 190 lbs., 4.48 in the 40. He is considered probably the top junior running back in Ohio.

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