Indiana DE J.B. Paxson

Center Grove&#8217;s (Ind.) <strong>J.B. Paxson</strong> made a huge splash on both the football field and baseball diamond last year. His athletic exploits have caught the attention of a number of programs, including Michigan. GBW chatted with him recently about his early recruitment.

I had the opportunity to speak recently with Center Grove head coach Eric Moore about defensive star, J.B. Paxson. (For those that missed that update, click here.) Coach Moore spoke in glowing terms about his star pupil and it was easy to see why during our conversation. J.B. is a very bright kid that is planning to major in telecommunications and gave the impression of genuineness that his coach spoke so much about. Michigan has already shown interest, and he’s listening.

Will you be at Michigan’s junior day on the 29th?

“Yes, I will be in attendance for that.”

What schools have you heard from thus far?

Notre Dame, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Nebraska…mainly the ones around the Midwest.”

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

“No, I wouldn’t say I grew up a fan of any particular school. I just grew up a fan of football.”

Have you had a chance to talk to Adam Finley about Michigan?

“Yes I have. I know he likes it a lot and really values the education that he gets there. He also always talks about how much he likes the football team. Adam is a great guy.”

Describe yourself as a player.

“I’m about 6-3, 262 pounds and I was timed at 4.81 in the forty. I think my best asset is my ability to rush the passer.”

Did you camp anywhere the last few summers?

“No, I haven’t been to any summer camps individually. We went to Indiana’s camp as a team last year, but that’s about it.”

Will you go to any camps individually this year?

“Yes I will, but I’m not sure which ones right now.”

What will be the most significant factors in your decision?

“Education, of course, will be very important. I’ll also be looking for a place where I’ll be treated as well as I have been in high school.”

Coach Moore indicated that you’re a very accomplished baseball player. Is there a possibility that you’ll play in college or maybe even the minors?

“It’s going to all depend on what happens next year. I know Clayton Richard was a big time pitcher here in Indiana and I think he’ll be playing baseball in the spring up there. I think it would be a daunting task for me to do something like that, but I think that I could manage it. We’ll just have to see what happens with baseball next year.”

At this early point in your process, have you given any thought to when you want to make your decision?

“I really haven’t thought about when I’ll make a choice. I’ll just rely on the guidance of Coach Moore and my family to help me out. I still have baseball ahead of me so I haven’t really had time to think about it. It could be as early as August or as late as after my season especially if we make a run in the state tournament.”

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