Jr. Day Grows: Saginaw 's Emmanuel Southern & More

Word was that perhaps the top junior tight end at the Michigan Camp last summer was <b>Emmanuel Southern</b> from Saginaw, Mich. -- alma mater of Wolverines Lamar Woodley, Jerome Jackson and Roy Manning. We talked to the Saginaw Head Coach Monday to see if Southern, Athlete Jermaine Jenkins, and any other Saginaw prospects were coming to Junior Day this Sunday.

Saginaw High Head Coach Lee Arthur told us regarding Southern:

"Emmanuel is about 6-4, 215 lbs. right now. He's a tight end, and also plays defensive end. But Emmanuel is a quality tight end. Right now Emmanuel is a great pass run blocker. He's a good receiver down the field -- he runs well (4.6-4.7) and he has good hands. Last season he made 15 catches for 200 yards, two touchdowns and two extra points. And he made a lot of great blocks -- he really blocks well, and there are no stats for that."

Regarding Southern's interest in Michigan.

"Yes, Emmanuel is interested in Michigan. As far as any other schools -- not really but he's not really involved with recruiting now, he's just focusing on getting better. He's busy playing basketball too."

Regarding the Michigan Junior Day this Sunday.

"He's going to try to be down there Sunday -- he should be there. Actually we're working that all out right now -- he's on the basketball team so we're making sure nothing interferes there."

"Emmanuel is a quality kid. Academically he's doing fine, he's a good student. He's taking care of business."

We asked Coach Arthur about his other top players, particularly quarterback/athlete Jermaine Jenkins.

"We've got several Division One prospects who will be seniors next season. Coach Jackson from Michigan was here and we talked about all of them. Jermaine Jenkins plays quarterback for us, but he's an 'athlete' -- and he's the best athlete in this building (Saginaw High School) right now. He's a 22-foot long jumper, and a 6-8 high jumper. He made the track finals in both events last spring. He's 6-2, 200 lbs. and could be a defensive back in college. Then there are the Hibler twins, Jamaal and Jamar. They play running back and defensive back for us, and are both 6-0, 185-190. And there's also Jamir Grady who plays wide receiver for us. We were a young team last year, and we lost four games by a total of 23 points. Next season we should be pretty good."

And finally, regarding the Junior Day Sunday.

"We'll all be there at the Sunday, we're all going together."

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