Instate Quarterback/Athlete Has Michigan Offer!

Last year nearby Lake Orion's Will Johnson was considered a 'Top 50' instate junior at best -- and in the spring of his Jr. year shot up to become the top rated Sr. in the state. Two years earlier Gabe Watson did the same thing. And now we have another nearby Jr. who has 'come out of nowhere'. The quiet option QB lets his on-field play do the talking -- and colleges are listening! He's getting lots of letters and has two offers -- including from <b>U-M</b>!<br><br> *One Tidbit Added*

Note: up till now we'd only confirmed U-M scholarship offers to two instate juniors: commitment Kevin Grady, and Muskegon NT Terrance Taylor. Here's the third!

Antonio Bass is 6-1, 190 lbs., has run an electronically timed 4.4 sec. 40, and plays quarterback for Jackson, Mich., High School. Once he became the starter last year, colleges started taking notice! We talked to Antonio and his mother last (Tues.) night.

Has Michigan been in contact with you, Antonio?

"Yes. Coach Malone came to my school in January and talked to me briefly."

Has Michigan offered you?

"Yes, Coach Carr offered me a scholarship."

You play quarterback for Jackson High?

"Yes, we run the option and other formations as well."

What position is Michigan recruiting you for?

"For a couple different positions ... quarterback for one, and the other skill positions."

Do you have stats for yourself from last season? Passing or running stats?


Has Michigan been your favorite school?


Have you ever been to Michigan, for a game or anything?

"No I haven't."

Are you coming to the Michigan Junior Day Sunday?

"I don't know ..."

Who else has been in in contact with you?

"No one much. I've gotten a lot of mail. Iowa sent me a scholarship offer."

Are you planning to go to any camps?

"This summer I'll probably go to the Michigan Camp."

Mrs. Bass added, "The attention from colleges is getting heavier -- we're getting a lot of things in the mail now. We can see it coming, and we're kind've leery of it. Antonio just wants to be a teenager, and he sees this all starting to come at him ..."

Bass joined the Jackson High School varsity last season and became the starting quarterback, leading the Winged-Helmeted Vikings into the Div. II playoffs. Jackson ended the season 5-5.

One additional tidbit. Jackson is the alma mater of Wolverine linebacker Jeff Jansen, a preferred walk-on a year ago. And ... there are other Michigan connections as well -- stay tuned!

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