Ohio's Top safety Prospect To Visit Michigan

We got a call yesterday from Hamilton Ohio's top safety prospect, <b>Adam Myers-White</b>. Myers-White is another recruit with a Michigan connection!

We got a call yesterday (Wed.) afternoon from DB Adam Myers-White from Hamilton, Ohio (his stats: 6-4, 200 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 4.1 GPA):

Adam, has Michigan offered you a scholarship?

"Yes, sir. We called Coach Carr and he offered me."

Coach Kalugyer told us your dad played for Michigan?

"Yes, Coleman White. He played for Bo Schembechler. I'm not sure though about the details of when he played and what position."

Are you coming up for Michigan's Junior Day Saturday?

"This weekend? No. I'm playing basketball right now, and so I'm pretty busy with that. My dad and I are definitely supposed to go up to Michigan soon, for a particular spring practice - I forget exactly which one."

Have you ever been to Michigan before?

"No, sir."

Do you know the Mignery's? (Andy Mignery played for Hamilton, and Andy's father was the long-time coach at Hamilton before retiring a couple years ago).

"Yes, I know Andy. And Coach Mignery is the one who brought me up to varsity as a freshman. That was his last year coaching."

Who else has offered you?

"Michigan State just offered me - in fact I just got off the phone with them. And Ohio State, and U-C (Cincinnati)."

Did you grow up following Ohio State?

"I really didn't follow a particular college growing up. I kind've rooted for Florida State more than anything I guess."

And do you have a list of favorites?

"Not really .... I'll say no, it's still too early."

Have you thought of spring or summer camps?

"It's quite possible I'll attend a few .... but I'm not decided about which ones."

Hamilton Head Coach Mark Kaluyger told us recently, "Adam plays free safety for us but he can also play corner. He has great cover skills and good feet, and he's fast. He runs about a 4.4-4.5 40 and hits real hard. He's 6 foot 4 and with his speed, he is all over receivers."

This is a good/deep year in Ohio for defensive backs, but Myers-White is probably the top free safety prospect.

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