Cushing to Ann Arbor for Junior Day

Friday afternoon GoBlueWolverine Magazine caught up with linebacker <b>Brian Cushing</b> from Bergen Catholic High School in Oradell, N.J. to confirm reports he would be visiting Michigan for Sunday's Junior Day. He said he is making the trip with his dad, but will be making a stop before heading to Ann Arbor.

"Yep, I'm going up to Michigan tomorrow (Saturday) with my dad," linebacker Brian Cushing said. "We'll be stopping by Michigan State first to see a friend of mine, Anthony Belasco, is a player there and played for Bergen Catholic." Is Michigan State recruiting Cushing? "They've been sending me letters," he said. "But I'm mainly going up to visit Anthony. I will talk to one of the coaches, then we'll head down to Ann Arbor." This will be Cushing first trip to Michigan.

When GoBlueWolverine Magazine last spoke with Cushing, he said the Michigan coaches were waiting on film before extending an offer. "I just got off the phone with Coach Sheridan," Cushing said. "We sent film up a couple days ago and they said they would be evaluating it in the next day or two."

Is Cushing expecting an offer during his visit? "It would be nice if they did," he said. "I'm not sure if I'll commit or not, I think if they do offer when I'm there I'll need to come home and think things over before making any decision." Cushing has narrowed down his list of schools to Michigan and Stanford, with Boston College lurking in the shadows. Cushing's father told GBW his dream was for his son to play football at BC, but with the younger Cushing now on the national scene Frank Cushing said there will be no pressure from him to push his son toward the Eagles.

Cushing said he would like to make a decision before June.

Cushing's Stats: 6-3, 225 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, 315 bench, 380 squat, 1240 PSAT)

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