"I liked it a lot!"

<p>Center Grove (Ind.) TE/DE <strong>J.B. Paxson</strong> was extremely impressed with his visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. He gives GBW an update on the specifics of his trip to Michigan and reveals some upcoming visit plans.</p>

Michigan already has two Center Grove alums on their roster in Jeremy VanAlstyne and Adam Finley. After the outstanding visit he had to Ann Arbor on Sunday, J.B. Paxson could very well follow in their footsteps. His high school coach, Eric Moore, Spoke a lot how genuine a kid J.B. and that certainly comes across when talking to him. He’s a young man that’s just thrilled to be amongst the kids that the Wolverines are recruiting, and that bodes well for the maize and blue. To view our two previous updates on Mr. Paxson, click the links below.

Wolverines Eye Another Center Grove Prospect
Indiana DE J.B. Paxson

How did you like your visit?

“I liked it a lot. It couldn’t have gone anymore according to plan. That was the first time I’d seen all of the different things Michigan had to offer. My mom and I were really impressed and I know my dad is as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know more about not only Lloyd Carr, but what all else Michigan has to offer.”

What did they have you do when you got there?

“We got there and the first half we just watched the basketball game. Then at halftime we went into the locker room and we had pizza and a drink. Then they said that we could walk out and see the stadium, which I thought was neat. Then we headed back down to catch the 2nd half of the game. After that we headed over to Schembechler Hall. Coach Moeller and a few other coaches took us on a tour. Then we sat through one of the most impressive academic presentations that I’ve ever seen. That’s one thing I’d have to say Michigan takes more pride in than some other places. I was really impressed and when I left Ann Arbor Sunday. I was just really happy.”

So your parents really liked it too?

“Yeah. They’re actually really good friends a baseball coach whose daughter plays volleyball up there…Jennifer Gandolph. The first thing my mom did when she got in the car is call Mrs. Gandolph to let her know just how much we really enjoyed ourselves up there. We talked on the way home about it being a bit of a long drive but it’s a drive we’d make if Michigan showed that interest in me and I decided to wear the maize and blue.”

Did they offer you a scholarship?

“No they did not. I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Moore yet to update him on how the day was. I think Coach Moore and I are going to try to get back up to Ann Arbor for a spring practice. I’m looking forward to it.”

Did they talk to you about coming to summer camp?

“They did. It wasn’t one on one, but they really stressed the importance of going to that camp. They said that if you feel that Michigan is a place that you want to play then we needed to go ahead and register for the camp now so they can see us in person.”

Will you be attending?

“I think so. I’m very fortunate right now in that Purdue and Indiana have already offered scholarships. I was talking to my Mom and my goal is to have offers before attending camps. If Michigan hasn’t offered by the end of May and that’s the place that I want to go then I’ll go to camp and hopefully show them that I have the ability to play at Michigan for the next 4-5 years.”

What other unofficial visits have you taken?

“I’ve been to Notre Dame, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois the day before, and my coach and I are going to be heading to Michigan State and Ohio State.”

How did your visit to Michigan compare to those?

“I really liked it. Everything about it. I really liked Michigan Stadium a lot. There’s a reason they call it the Big House!”

GBW will be in touch with J.B. again very soon.

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