Antonio Bass' Mom Fills Us In

Sitting together at Sunday's Junior Day were a 'Prominent Pair' of top-top 'skill athletes', Justin King and Jackson Michigan's <B>Antonio Bass</b>. Here is what Bass' mother told us this (Tues.) morning about the visit.

We asked Jackson Mich. Athlete Antonio Bass' mother to email us about the visit of Antonio and herself to yesterday's Junior Day. Here is what she told us.

"Yes, I went to Junior Day with Antonio. I was sitting next to Antonio's friend."

As far as Antonio sitting next to the Justin Kings:

"I'm not sure if Antonio talked to Justin King, but he did talk to his dad."

Mrs. Bass' reaction to the Junior Day:

"Everything went fine - we are very impressed with Michigan as a whole, the coaches and their programs. "

And finally, Antonio's feeling about Michigan:

"Antonio is very interested."

As Antonio told us last week, Michigan has been his favorite school, the Wolverines have offered him, and Antonio intends to attend the Michigan Camp this summer (GBW with AD Russell Davis on Bass, GBW with Antonio Bass).

Antonio Bass is 6-1+, 190 lbs., has run an electronically timed 4.4 sec. 40, and plays quarterback for Jackson, Mich., High School.

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