Junior Day Wrap-Up (for now)

We will continue to do individual stories on the <b>Junior Day</b> attendees -- and will let you know about additional attendees as their names become known as well. For now, here is the wrap-up, including an explanation of what went on at the Junior Day event itself.

First off, there were no verbal commitments on Sunday.

- The one well-known 'non-attendee': Linebacker Chris Jeske (Planned 2004 U-M Camper, 6-2, 215 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 4.3 GPA) from Joliet, Ill., Catholic (Mike Kolodziej's alma mater). We called Jeske last night, and he said he wanted to attend, but his parents decided the drive was too long to just attend a basketball game. He will most likely attend the Michigan Summer Camp. He has early offers from Wisconsin and Northwestern, and Michigan visited his school in December. He's a Max Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Another just-discovered attendee (we thought he was planning to come, but we did not actually see him at the game): Athlete Akim Sanders (6-1, 190 lbs., 2.8 GPA) from Detroit Crockett (John Thompson's school). We will have a report for you on Sanders soon.

- Visit completed, did not get an offer: Linebacker Brian Cushing (Planned U-M Camper, 6-3, 230 lbs., 4.5 in the 40) from Bergen, N.J. Catholic. We briefly talked to Brian while he was sitting on the runway at Detroit Metro, just leaving. He did not get a Michigan offer on this trip (but we did not really expect that he would, not yet anyway).

And repeating from previously:

- Cornerback/athlete Justin King (Planned 2004 U-M Camper, 5-11, 182 lbs., 2003 PSU Nike stats: 4.29 in the 40, 3.72 sec. shuttle, 37.1 inch vertical jump, 11 bench press reps., 3.0 GPA) from Monroeville, Pa. Justin is 5-11 all right, and on the thin side -- but he was getting major-MAJOR recruiting attention. He has a U-M offer.

- Offensive tackle Dan Doering (US Army Combine stats: 6-5 1/2, 270 lbs., 5.29 in the 40, 16 bench press reps.) from Barrington, Ill. (along with OL teammates Andy Laue (6-5, 275 lbs.) and Otis Hudson (6-4, 275 lbs.)). Doering -- geez, that guy gets bigger every time we see him! He looks ready for the NFL right now! He has a U-M offer.

- Linebacker Ryan Reynolds (US Army Combine stats: 6-1 1/2, 215 lbs., 4.65 in the 40, 4.17 shuttle, 29 inch vertical jump, 34 bench press reps.) from Las Vegas, Nev., Bishop Gorman. He was sitting with his coach. Reymolds looks like he could play college ball right now, and he had the game face to go with it! He has a U-M offer.

- Athlete Antonio Bass (6-1, 190 lbs.) from Jackson, Mich. He is one of the consensus top 3 instate juniors. Antonio looks taller than 6-1 -- he looks more like 6-2 and reminded us of Jamar Adams ... (he's faster though). He has a U-M offer.

- U-M commitment, running back Kevin Grady (2002 U-M Camper, 5-9, 230 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 2.7 GPA) from East Grand Rapids, Mich. Another GEEZ -- another kid that is bigger every time we see him ... looks 5-10, 230 lbs. Think a slightly thinner Jerome Bettis.

- Nose tackle Terrance Taylor (2003 U-M Camper, 6-0, 285 lbs., 4.9 in the 40) from Muskegon, Mich. Terrance is in the State Wresting finals now -- he's one who has LOST a little weight, for wresting. But he looks ready for college ball! He aas a U-M offer.

- Wideout/defensive back Talonnie Russell (5-11, 175 lbs., 4.4 in the 40) from Detroit DePorres. He is one of Jim S' Super Seven instate recruits.

- Tight end/defensive end J.B. Paxson (6-3, 260 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 315 lbs. bench press) from Greenwood, Ind., Center Grove (Adam Finley's alma mater). He looked 6-2+ and 270 to us. He's a Max Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Wide receiver Ryan Allison (6-2 1/2 195 lbs, 4.59 in the 40, 4.47 shuttle, 29 inch vertical jump, 16 bench press reps.) from Lake Orion Mich. Note: he definitely passes the look test. Just based on looks, in our opinion he could be a future tight end.

- Quarterback Evan Sharpley (Planned 2004 U-M Camper, 6-3, 190 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 3.97 GPA) from Marshall, Mich.

- Cornerback Brandon Harrison (5-9, 200 lbs.) from Dayton, Ohio Chaminade-Julienne. He's Emfinger's #2 Free Safety.

- Linebacker Andrew Hawken (2003 U-M Camper, 6-2, 220 lbs., 4.65 in the 40) from Grandville, Mich. As a junior he missed 1 1/2 games due to injury, but recorded 1,270 yards and 23 touchdowns (as well as 38 receptions) to lead Grandville to the Division 1 semifinals. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Linebacker Nick Lawrence (6-3, 215 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Brighton. Brighton -- home of Clint Copenhaver, Drew Henson and Dave Pearson. He is considered one of the state's top 15 prospects.

- Quarterback Jake Christiansen (6-0, 205 lbs., 4.6 in the 40) from Lockport Township, Ill. Emfinger 4-star prospect.

- Offensive tackle Jason Kacinko (6-5 inches, 300 lbs.) from Penn-Trafford, Penn. He's a Max Emfinger 4-star offensive tackle.

- Offensive lineman John Bachman (U.S. Army Combine stats: 6-4, 240 lbs., 5.4 in the 40, 17 bench press reps.) from Moon Township, Penn.

- Offensive lineman Joel Nitchman (6-4, 270 lbs.) from Kalamazoo, Mich., Hackett.

- Tight End Emmanuel Southern (6-4, 215 lbs., 4.7in the 40) from Saginaw, Mich.

- Quarterback/Athlete Jermaine Jenkins (6-2, 200 lbs.) from Saginaw, Mich.

- Running back Mikell Simpson (6-1, 190 lbs.) from Harrisburg, Pa.

- Linebacker Tom Korte (6-1, 220 lbs.) from Grand Rapids, Mich., Catholic Central.

- Wide receiver Otis Wiley (6-1, 180 lbs.) from Flint, Mich., Carmen Ainesworth.

- Outside linebacker/defensive end Carson Butler (6-5, 228 lbs., 4.6 in the 40) from Detroit Renaissance.

- Offensive guard Frazer Burton (U.S. Army Combine stats; 6-2, 313 lbs., 6.0 in the 40, 26 bench press reps. ... 2.55 GPA) from Brighton, Mich.

- Attended the MSU game this past Tuesday: Chris McLaurin (6-4, 235 lbs., 4.80 in the 40) from Orchard Lake St. Mary's. As a junior DL he made 50 tackles and 9 1/2 sacks. McLaurin attended with his teammate Isaiah Bonner (5-10, 175 lbs.).

And Basketball Recruits at the OSU Game:

1.) Soph. David Kool from Grand Rapids South Christian.

2.) Soph. Deshawn Sims from Detroit Pershing.

3.) 12th grader Jevohn Shepherd (6-4, 200 lbs.) from Toronto West Hill HS (there are 13 grades in Canadian high schools).

4.) Signee Ronald Coleman from Romulus High School.


How did the Junior Day go? J.B. Paxson laid it out very well for us:

"... the first half we just watched the basketball game. Then at halftime we went into the locker room and we had pizza and a drink. Then they said that we could walk out and see the stadium .... Then we headed back down to catch the 2nd half of the game. After that we headed over to Schembechler Hall. ... a few ... coaches took us on a tour. Then we sat through one of the most impressive academic presentations that I've ever seen. That's one thing I'd have to say Michigan takes more pride in than some other places."

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