"I always wanted to go to Michigan"

<p>Detroit Crockett&#8217;s <strong>Akim Sanders</strong> will be one of the top players in Detroit next year and is already receiving college interest. Could he follow his former teammate John Thompson to Michigan and what are his summer plans? </p>

Did you come down for Michigan’s junior day?

“No I didn’t make it.”

What schools have you heard from thus far?

“I’ve heard from Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, Bowling Green, Penn State, Colorado, and Michigan.”

Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

“I always wanted to go to Michigan. Charles Woodson is my man! He’s the one.”

Describe yourself as a player.

"I’m 6-0 180 pounds and I run a 4.4 forty. I play corner and receiver. I’d compare myself to guys like Charles Woodson and Champ Bailey. I’ve started since my freshman year. The PSL PSL (public school league) doesn’t really have a lot of top receivers for me to guard."

Have you gone to any summer camps in previous years?

“I went to a team camp at Michigan State last summer, but I didn’t camp anywhere individually.”

Will you go out to any summer camps this year?

“Yeah, I will. I’ll probably camp at Michigan and Michigan State.”

Have you talked to Johnny Thompson about going through the process?

“He doesn’t really say much about it. He just told me to work hard next year.”

What are going to be the most significant factors in your decision?

“Education is first and foremost because if I fall off in football I want to have some stability in my life. Other things will be the school’s winning tradition, the environment, and the attitudes of the coaches and players.”

Have you given any thought on when you’d like to make a decision? Do you think you’ll wait to make your decision like John did?

“Yeah, I’m probably going to wait to see who offers. But, if Michigan offers me I’m going to take it because that’s where I want to go.”

Do you know what you want to major in?

“Not really, but I always said that if I didn’t make it to the league that I wanted to be an FBI agent. So I’ll probably do something that would help me toward that.”

GBW will have more on Akim very soon.

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