Lunch with Lloyd

Coach Carr discusses a tough loss to Ohio State and looks towards a bowl.

On the Ohio State Game

"There was so much at stake; a Big Ten Championship and BCS Bowl and in the offensive and kicking game we could not have played much worse."

Going into the tunnel "I did not know what to tell them, we simply talked about what they had to do to win."

The Wolverines were ready to play, but a turnover on the first play made the entire stadium and team flat.  Coach Carr worried about too many turnovers previous to kick off

The major turnaround in the game was the missed field goal at the end of the third quarter.

The OSU punter was very eratic, thus Michigan never knew where to place the punt returner allowing OSU to get some pretty advantageous rolls.

On The Graduating Senoirs:

"Losses to graduation will hurt the team in talent, but not too significant in numbers."

On offense: Marquise Walker, Howard and Anderson; Defense: Foote, Brackins, Frysinger.  And perhaps the most missed Wolverine, Hayden Epstein.

On The Bowl:

Expect Marlin Jackson and Julius Curry to be back.

Spencer Britton will get snaps at QB before the bowl game and will be given a chance to perform if he practices well.

On Next Year:

Offensive Line will be good.  The Freshman class progressed nicely and will be helped out by a solid Sophomore class.

Its tough to compare Marlin Jackson to Woodson, but he sure has many similarities.


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