Hoopster Jevohn Shepherd

High flying wing <strong>Jevohn Shepherd</strong> showed up in Ann Arbor recently for an unofficial visit. Not many know about this Canadian high school hoopster right now, but by this time next year the situation could be very different.

One of the more unfamiliar names to basketball recruiting fans is 6-5, 190 lb. Jevohn Shepherd from West Hill High School in Toronto. While he hasn’t garnered overwhelming attention from the States as of yet, he is in definitely making his presence felt up north. By the halfway point in his season he was the only 12th grader (Ontario has a 13th grade level) on the Toronto Sun’s top 25 players list at #4. Hailing from the same school as current Connecticut Husky Denham Brown, some have said that Shepherd is just as good (if not better) at the same stage of development. Brown burst onto the national scene by scoring 111 points in a game and eventually went on to start 28 games his freshman year for Jim Calhoun. It will be interesting to see if Jevohn makes a national splash this summer similar to that of his West Hill predecessor.

As we reported in early February in the Basketball Recruiting Primer, Wolverine assistant Charles Ramsey has already ventured across the border to observe Shepherd a few times. Shepherd was also a visitor at this past weekend’s game versus the Bucks. I caught up with Jevohn earlier this week to find where things stood at this point and right now things look very good for the Wolverines.

How has you’re season been going?

"It’s been going pretty good. Our record is 25-10 and I’m averaging 26 points and 6 boards per game."

Can you describe your game for those that haven’t seen you play?

"I play the 2 and the 3. I think I’m a mix between Tracy McGrady and Carmelo Anthony."

I’ve heard you be referred to as a 6-4 Brent Petway. After watching him play, do you think that’s accurate?

"Yeah, I can get up like that."

So you must have one a dunk contest or two? What’s the most difficult dunk you’ve ever done?

"Yeah, I have won a few. The most difficult dunk I’ve done is a 360 windmill."

What schools have you heard the most from so far?

"Michigan and Pepperdine."

Any offers so far?


Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

"I grew up a fan of Michigan."

What are the schools on your list at this point?

"Michigan is #1. I’m not really thinking about anyone else."

Have you given any though to when you’d like to make a decision?

"I’d like to make a decision after I take the test in the spring."

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