Wolverine Players Talk About the NIT

The players talk about tomorrow night's game versus Missouri.

Senior Bernard Robinson Jr.
On not getting selected into the NCAA Tournament:

"I was disappointed, but Coach (Amaker) had talked with us and told us we still had something to look forward to and to wait for the phone call. So, that is what everyone was doing. Then we got the call, so everyone was pretty excited to be able to still play in the postseason. It was disappointing we didn't make the NCAA Tournament, but we still have some games to play against some pretty good teams. We still have to be prepared and focused on the NIT."

On having a short turnaround to play:

"I think it can be a little easier to come in a play a game right away. It doesn't really give one team an advantage over another. You just continue to have that tournament feel, where sometimes you have to scramble a little bit. But for the most part, it's just about both teams hustling, playing defense and just getting out there and playing. It's just such a great feeling... this tournament feeling."

Sophomore Graham Brown
On playing in the postseason:

"It is just such a great feeling. I mean last year we ended right at the end of the Big Ten Tournament. Now, we get a chance to suit up again and to see what else we can do, get some more wins and continue to keep this program going in the right direction."

On only having one day to prepare:

"You know a little more preparation would be alright, but we are just going to try and do what we can to get a victory. We have to do the best we can to scout them and look at what they do over the next couple of practices. But it goes both ways. They are in the same situation we are in, so I think it is going to be a great basketball game."

Sophomore Daniel Horton
On if there was any shock being selected to play Missouri:

"It really didn't matter to me. It wasn't a surprise really. We were going to play a good team regardless. It really didn’t matter I just wanted to get out here and play as soon as possible."

On the team bringing the right emotion into the NIT:

"We are going to have to bring the right attitude. I am sure we will have the right attitude. Like we say, any postseason for this team and this program is a big step forward. We have the opportunity to play in the NIT, which is a great opportunity and honor."

On not getting selected for the NCAA Tournament:

"I was thinking we just didn't make it. I was a little disappointed, but we realized we were going to have a pretty good chance of playing in the NIT, so we just tried to figure out who and when we were going to play."

Sophomore Chris Hunter
On getting a chance to play in the postseason:

"It feels good. Last year around this time we were getting a week off and felt bad not being able to play. This year it just feels great just to be able to play postseason basketball and have an opportunity to wins some more games."

On being selected to play Missouri:

"It was kind of shocking. But there is a level of uncertainty with the NIT anyway... not knowing who you are going to play or when you are going to play. I can see why they did it though. It is going to be a great match-up. We know they are a tough and talented team. We just need to make sure we play our game and continue our pressure defense. We want to try and force them to take some bad shots."

Freshman Courtney Sims
On Michigan returning to postseason play:

"It's big. Michigan hasn't gone to the postseason in a long time, so it is a big deal and a big step for the program. We are just excited to get back out onto the court and continue this year."

On his improved play in the last month:

"I'm always looking forward to improving my game. You just always have to continue to improve and getting some more games will help not only myself but this team as well. In the Big Ten Tournament I didn't play well in the first game, but came back in the second game so I just want to be able to keep trying top get better. I just want to be able to go in there and do what I can to help this team win and continue to get better."

Freshman Dion Harris
On playing in the postseason against Missouri:

"It's important for us and this program. I mean last year there was no postseason for us because of the sanctions, so it will help this program take that next step. It is going to be exciting because we will be able to get going in here, in our building, and especially in front of our fans. I think it will be a great basketball game. Missouri is a talented team. I know they are going to be ready to come in here and get a win. We just need to continue to be tough and competitive and we will be up to the challenge."

Transcript courtesy of UM Sports Inormation

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