MSL Combine but we took the time out today to chat with Morgan Park coach Lexie Spurlock about his prized pupil.

"> MSL Combine but we took the time out today to chat with Morgan Park coach Lexie Spurlock about his prized pupil.


Chicago DB Getting Look From The Wolverines

<p>Michigan will be on the lookout for corners this recruiting season and Chicago Morgan Park's <strong>Melvin Rice</strong> is a prospect that they've shown interest in at this early point in the process. GBW is in Chicago this weekend for the <a href="">MSL Combine</a> but we took the time out today to chat with Morgan Park coach Lexie Spurlock about his prized pupil.</p>

Describe Melvin as a player.

"Melvin has the prototype cornerback size. Right now he is about 5-10, but he's probably going to get to be about 5-11. He weighs about 180 pounds, but he's pumping his iron now so he's getting even bigger."

"He's very smart and versatile. We had him at corner, free safety and strong safety. He has the vision and intelligence to play back there in center field at free. He's like a quarterback back there. At strong safety, he's quick and explosive and comes up to make the hits. At corner, his recovery speed is so good that I don't recall him getting beat deep at all last year. He has the ability to really close on guys when the ball is in the air. He can make tough plays in football look very easy and natural."

Are there any plays that he has made that really stick out in your head as "special?"

"We opened up with a team called Mt. Caramel, and they are a school that wins the state every year. We lost to them 9-7, but on one of the defensive series in that game, Melvin was locked up in coverage. The ball was thrown his way and it didn't look like he was going to be able to get his hands on the pass. Somehow, he was able to get up in the air and get one hand on it. That kid snagged it down like a magnet was on his hand! It was just an amazing play! He's had a lot of plays like that."

What is he like off the field?

"Melvin is a leader. He's one of the captains on the track team, as well as the football team. He's one of the only underclassmen to have been a captain on our football team. He leads by example. He's not really a verbal kid. He has great academics and he's coachable. I have had the pleasure of coaching him 3 years in track and football."

"He's always appeared to me to be a Sunday afternoon ball player, because he has great focus. He's not going to be the player that is looking off into nowhere when you are talking. He's always focusing in on you, and it goes from there to the field. He always has his head in the game."

"He's a church going kid. He's such a good young man that even his elementary school coach still asks me about him."

How fast is he?

"I'm a track coach. I know a lot people tell you that they have guys running 4.3s and 4.4s, but my question to those people would be, 'do those kids run track?' If he's not running track, there is no way he is going to be running a legit 4.3 or 4.4. I won't blow up my guys times. Melvin runs legitimately in the low 4.5s. In track he runs the sprints...400meters on down.And I'll tell you what..if you put him in the relays or the individual events, he's a definite plus out there."

What schools has he heard from thus far?

"You name it, and he has heard from them. Some of them off the top of my head are Nebraska, Northwestern, Michigan, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Colorado."

Do you know if any of those schools have offered him?

"I don't know if he's received and scholarship offers."

What do you think are going to be the most significant factors in his decision?

"He loves the game, but he is a true student athlete. Every kids dream is to go to the NFL, but around here we try to keep the kids focused on the fact that not everyone makes it to the league... and even if you do, that there is life after football. Some colleges have great Alumni Associations and they can really give you a leg up on jobs when you graduate. I think something like that is going to be important to him. I think he'll also want to play on a good team where he'll have the opportunity to earn some playing time."

GBW will have more from Melvin himself very soon.

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