SC WR Wants a Passing Team

Wide receiver <b>Eric Huggins</b> from Conway, S.C. does not mince words when he talks about the primary factor he is looking for in a college football program, he wants the ball in the air, a lot. GoBlueWolverine Magazine spoke with Huggins to see if Michigan fits the bill.

"Michigan throws the ball a lot and that's what I want," Eric Huggins from High School in Conway, S.C. said Sunday night. "I don't want to play for a running team, no way."

Huggins wasn't always so excited about catching the ball as he only recently moved from the defensive side of the ball. "I never played receiver before last season," he said. "I always played defensive back, but now I love it and receiver is where I want to play in college. Right now only Clemson and Auburn have offered, but I've been receiving a lot of mail from Michigan. They were the very first school to send me a questionaire way back before my season last year, I thought that was cool."

The 6 foot 3, 190 pound wide out took to the new position well, catching 52 passes for 932 yards and 15 touchdowns his junior year. Huggins told TheInsiders, "I'm quick and I can catch the ball at the high point. I'm like Terrell Owens. I've got the speed and the height. I need to get stronger and I want to jump higher. I'd like to improve my agility and speed."

Huggins said he didn't attend any camps this past summer and isn't sure what his plans are for this summer. He said he wants to take an unofficial visit to Michigan this spring. "I wanted to go to Michigan for their Junior Day," he said. "But we didn't get the paperwork until a couple days before, so my coach and I couldn't go. I know he's trying to get something set up so we can go up for one of the spring practices, I'm really hoping that happens."

Huggins also plays on the Conway basketball team as a power forward and center. He also runs the 100 and the 200 on the track team, as well as participating in the high jump. He said he's going to take his time and make a decision after he's had a closer look at schools.

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