Texas O-Lineman Likes "Lineman U"

Offensive tackles are a 2004/05 recruiting priority for Michigan, and so its not surprising that the first junior the Wolverines offer in the Lone Star State is a big tackle -- and from a "U-M legacy school' as well!

A couple days ago TheInsiders' Allen Wallace interviewed athletic Houston Washington offensive tackle Reginald Youngblood (6-5, 275 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 3.5 GPA/880 SAT). We talked last night with Youngblood, who is considered the top Texas junior offensive lineman.

Reggie, we hear you have an interest in Michigan?

"Yes I do. Michigan offered me a scholarship a while ago. I called and talked to Coach Carr on the phone and he offered me. He told me I was the first player they'd offered from Texas!" The personable Youngblood chuckled in delight after he said this.

Why is a guy like you, from Texas, interested in Michigan?

"They put a lot of linemen in "The League," that's why," he again chuckled. "Michigan is Lineman U. I've never been up there or anything, and don't have any relatives in Michigan or anything. I've just always liked Michigan."

It's been reported that LSU is your early leader?

"Yeah. I'd say they've recruited me the hardest so far. But I'm not going to make an early decision -- I'll take all my official visits. And Michigan will definitely be one of my official visits."

What are your plans for the spring and summer?

"I plan to go to one of LSU's spring practices and to their spring game. And I've been to a Texas spring practice. And I'd like to get up to the Michigan Summer Camp -- we'll see how that works out, but I want to."

So LSU, Texas, Michigan ... who else is up there for you?

"LSU, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Iowa -- those are at the top right now."

They've all offered you a scholarship?

"They've all offered me, and I've got several other offers as well: Texas A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and some others."

Michigan had a famous player from Washington High you know.

"Yeah -- Mercury! I know all about Mercury!"

It was just ten about years ago now when Mercury Hayes came out of Houston Washington to star at wide receiver for Michigan from 1992-95 along with Amani Toomer. Time flies, doesn't it? And with Michigan's lone current Texan, David Underwood, graduating after this season, we'll see if the Wolverines can keep its 'Texas connection' alive by luring North another East Texas Great.

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