Athlete Antonio Bass Speaks

GoBlueWolverine made its way from Ann Arbor to Jackson, Mich. this week and chatted with top instate Wolverine recruit QB/Ath. <b>Antonio Bass</b> and his mother. Here are some highlights of our interview.

Antonio, what schools have offered you scholarships up to this point?

“I have offers from Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Purdue, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and Bowling Green.”

Have you visited any of them?

“Michigan is the only school I’ve been to.”

Do you have any other unofficials planned right now?

“I’ll probably get to Michigan State, Syracuse, and Eastern.”

Do you grow up a fan of any particular school?

“Yeah. I grew up a fan of Michigan.”

What are the various schools recruiting you as?

“Half of the teams are saying "athlete" and the other half (Virginia Tech and Syracuse, etc.) are saying quarterback.”

What do you want to play?

“At first I didn’t know if I’d be able to, but I want to play quarterback.”

What coaches from Michigan have you talked to?

“Coach Malone is the one I talked to most. I’ve also talked to Coach Carr.”

What position is Michigan talking to you about?

“Coach Carr basically said I could play where ever I want at Michigan. But he said at quarterback my skills would be kind of limited because of how they have the quarterback set up. He said that at other positions I’ll have the potential to do whatever I want. On offense I could play wide receiver, running back, and some quarterback. He said I could also play defensive back.”

What are some of the other factors you’ll base your decision on?

“The main things will be what type of education I can get and how comfortable I am with the coaches.”

What do you want to major in?

“I want to major in business.”

Do you have a leader at this point?

“It’s between Virginia Tech and Michigan. Michigan because I’ve been there and I’ve seen their facilities and I like the way that they do things.”

Do you think distance will factor into your decision?

"No, I don't."

Where did you camp last summer and what are your camping plans this year?

“Last year I went to Ohio State’s camp. This year I’m going to go to Michigan’s camp … and I’d like to go to Virginia Tech's and Syracuse's as well.”

Have you thought about when you’d like to make a decision?

“No, I haven’t given any thought to a timetable.”

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