Notes from Coach Carr's Luncheon

Notes from Coach Carr's Luncheon

Notes from Coach Carr's Monday Luncheon

About Michigan:

- Frysinger & Brackins will most likely be back from injuries to play at Wisconsin.

- Julius Curry is a "tremendous loss to football team," he may be back for OSU and bowl game.

- Reports from Kalamazoo that Kelly Baraka will practice are not true.

- Freshman DB Marlin Jackson is "as mature and plays as well as any player I've seen his age at Michigan"

About the Minnesota Game:

- Michigan Stadium had "no energy whatsoever"

- The players responded nicely after one of the toughtest weeks in all the coaches and players careers.

About Wisconsin:

- "Best offensive team UM  plays"

- Wide Receiver Evans is outstanding.  Wisconsin has the leading tackler in Big Ten.

About the MSU Timekeeper:

- The Timekeeper should not stop the clock until the back judge signals the ball is down.  At MSU this did not happen,as the back judge never gave a signal to stop the clock, but the clock was stopped when the keeper thought the ball hit the ground, thus allowing you know what to happen.

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