More Spring Breezes

Here's the latest 'blowin' in the spring wind' in Ann Arbor.

Things just 'blowin' in the spring wind' around Ann Arbor these days ... posed as questions, not definitive answers.

The Running Backs derby. Extremely tight, but if today were the fall opener, would Bracken and Underwood be the top two?

Tight ends: Best duo, Tim and Tyler, in U-M history?

Quarterbacks: Will it be "The Leadership and Mobility" (Gutierrez) or "The Arm" (Richard)? (The answer is usually seasoned leadership for a top program)

Offensive line. Nothing changin' there ... will Bihl be the new offensive center, ahead of Henige and Kraus? And will "future star" Long edge out Riley at tackle (with Kolo backing up Stenavich on the other side)?

Defensive line: are the starters less important here, as 6-7 players, as usual, will probably rotate in and out: Watson, Harrison, Paul, Massey, Woodley, Biggs, Ofili? The 'question' is, except for Watson and Harrison being definite 'inside DT's' will we see more of a 'hybrid' inside-outside (or even DE/OLB) situation for some of the other guys?

Defensive backs. The corners are locked down of course, but at safety -- if today were the fall opener, would Mundy be a starter along with Shazor? And at corner, who's the readiest for after-Hall as back-up, Hood or Mason ... (do "the H's" have it?).

Will Special Teams be a strength this season? (Answer: count on it!)

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