Michigan to Visit Britton in El Paso

<b>Edward Britton</b> is a RB/Athlete from El Paso, Texas. El Paso is in far-West Texas of course -- as far or farther from Dallas or Houston than St. Louis is from Detroit. Nonetheless, when a junior runs for 2200 yards and is named AP First Team 5-A All State in Texas -- colleges take notice! And, Britton's head coach told us yesterday, Michigan has.

As a junior 'speed back' Edward Britton rushed for 2,185 yards in nine regular season games (8.5 yards per carry) -- including putting up 250 yards on the defending state champ Midland. For the season he also scored 22 touchdowns and an amazing 16 two-point conversions. For his efforts he was named by the Associated Press to their First Team 5-A (largest classification) Texas All-State Team, a real rarity for a junior -- only the second junior from El Paso EVER named 5-A All-State. He is a Max Emfinger 4 star "All Purpose Back."

Yesterday (Thurs.) we spoke to both the Montwood Head Coach, Chuck Veliz, and to Britton himself. First we chatted with the friendly head coach, who started out by telling us:

"Yes, Michigan has contacted us -- they are coming out in a couple weeks to take a look at Edward."

Great! Tell us about him.

"Edward is pushing 6-1 now, and he's up to 190 lbs.; he runs a legit 4.4 in the 40."

"Here's how I found out about Edward. I was at another school three years ago. They had basically never won when I got there, and we eventually made it to the Texas Sweet 16, which as you know is a pretty big deal down here. So I was fortunate to get a job offer to move up to Montwood, a big school with a bigger profile and all, and I took it. But I remember at my old school three year back, being told by our freshman coach at the time that there was this freshman running back at Montwood who just ran all over our team. That freshman kid he told me about was Edward. And for the past two years now I've been fortunate to be his coach."

"Edward can definitely play in college, and I think he can run the football at that level. He still looks thin at 190 pounds. He can easily put on 20 lbs. without losing his speed.

"So far has has only played running back for us, but we're going to put him at free safety next season as well. And he runs track -- he's running track right now, the 100 meters, the 200, and the relays."

How about his academics?

"Edward is an A/B honor roll student. He's a member of our Academic Decathalon team, and participates in Olympics of the Mind. He loves school. He's a good kid, from a solid family."

What is recruiting like for Edward so far?

"He doesn't have any scholarship offers yet, except for UTEP who offered him a year ago (and they've had a coaching change). But he's being recruited heavily... not so much by Texas for some reason, but by Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, LSU, all of them ... including Michigan of course."

"One of our grandfathers here ... he's about 75 years old and his grandson is one of our players. He's a Michigan alum -- he's from the state of Michigan and used to work for Lee Iacoca at Chyrsler. And he's been talking up Michigan big-time to Edward. So Edward knows all about Michigan, and it will be an honor for Michigan to recruit him."

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