Keystone State Duo Garnering Wolverine Interest

<p>Erie Cathedral Prep (Erie, Penn.) <strong>Coach Mike Mischler</strong> is no stranger to having Div. 1 caliber athletes. He has molded a number of them during his tenure as the Rambler&#8217;s head man. This year he has two more in the pipeline: linebacker <strong>Andre Mathis</strong> and safety <strong>James Carson</strong>. U-M has shown interest in both players. Mischler took the time today to discuss them with GBW.</p>

Describe Andre as a player.

"Andre Mathis is a 6-3, 228 lb. middle linebacker who runs a 4.65 forty. He moves extremely well and has great lateral movement and very good speed for a big guy. He just covers ground really well. He’s been a great linebacker for us. He led our team in tackles with 88. About 50 or 60 of those were solos. On his highlight film he tackles three guys on one play. It was on a veer play against McDowell. He hit the fullback, the quarterback, and the pitch guy and took them all down! I’ve had about 15 kids go D1 during my time here and he’s going to be one of the best."

What is he like off the field?

"He’s a great young man with great manners. Just a very well rounded kid. He has a real good attitude and his grades are in pretty good shape. He has close to a 3.0 GPA and we have a difficult school here, so he’s doing real well academically."

What schools have been in contact thus far?

"He has official offers from Syracuse, Penn State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Boston College. Then there are others that are telling me that they have to get their eyes on him and then offer him. They are Georgia Tech, Miami, Iowa, Michigan … I just talked to Coach Loeffler a few minutes ago. He and Coach Herrmann are going to take a look at him at the Nike camp. I’ve also talked to LSU a couple times about him as well, so they’re interested."

Do you know if Michigan will be visiting your school during the evaluation period?

"Michigan has already been in the school more than once. When they were recruiting Kyle Mitchum out of McDowell they came by. Coach Loeffler said they’re definitely coming back through during the evaluation period."

Has he settled on camping plans for the summer?

"I think he’ll be going to Michigan and Penn State for sure, but I don’t know where else."

Lets move on to James. Talk about what he brings to the table.

"James Carson is 6-feet, 207 lbs. and he’s a strong safety/tailback. The big question mark on him right now is his forty time, but I’m going to say he’s about a 4.6. That’s kind of what coaches are waiting on. They want to see what he runs at the Nike camp."

Looks like you might have another Bob Sanders situation on your hands, huh?

"(Laughing) No one wanted to take that kid! I just talked to Bob yesterday and we still laugh about it. I couldn’t get anyone interested in him. I think he proved everyone wrong."

Is James sort of in the same ilk?

"If I was going to compare him to anyone, he plays heart-wise a lot like Bob Sanders. James is going to be my starting tailback and strong safety. He hits really well. He’ll come up and whack you, plus he has got good speed. He can chase people down."

What schools has he heard from?

"He has heard from a lot of the same schools as Andre, but he doesn’t have any offers yet."

We’ll have more from Andre and James themselves very soon.

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