James Carson Update

Erie Cathedral Prep&#8217;s <strong>James Carson</strong> is one of the sleepers in the state of Pennsylvania this year. College coaches will be monitoring him closely this summer. Here James updates GBW on his offseason plans.

According to Cathedral Prep Coach Mike Mischler, James Carson’s recruitment is starting to resemble that of former Rambler star Bob Sanders. The diminutive Sanders was practically ignored by major college recruiters because of his size. Coach Mischler tried to get the word out about his prized pupil, but no one would listen. What the D1 talent evaluators didn’t know was that despite his height, Sanders had tremendous heart, great speed, and could really lay licks on opponents. One coach listened, and four years later Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz looks like a very smart man for recruiting the All-Big Ten defender.

This year Coach Mischler is trying to tell college coaches about James Carson. The question regarding James isn’t about his size; it’s about his speed. Scheduled to start at strong safety and runningback next year, Mischler has no such questions. “He could have challenged for the starting runningback position last year, but we had a senior there,” Mischler said. “Every time we handed him the ball he gained at least ten yards.”

With no scholarship offers on the table to date, summer camps will be even bigger for him than they are for Andre Mathis. He too has a top list of schools that he will try to impress, but unlike his teammate, he did grow up liking a particular team. I like Penn State, Pitt, Michigan, Miami, and Ohio State, said Carson. “I grew up liking Penn State.”

James informed GBW that at this point, the only camp that he has lined up is the Nike Camp in Happy Valley. That said, count on him attending a number of them this summer, including Michigan’s. If he’s able to answer the speed question that some of the schools on his list have, scholarship offers may not be far behind. When it finally comes time to make a decision, there are a few things that he’ll be considering. “I want to be able to play strong safety and I want to go to a big school with a lot of people,” Carson said. “I think Michigan likes me at strong safety…It really doesn’t matter to me when I make my decision. I think where Andre ends up going will be a factor. We’d like to go to the same school and play together.”

GBW will update James again after the camps.

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