"I'm just about to sign D.J up for the U-M Camp!"

So said the mother of top Kansas City wideout <b>D.J. Hord</b> to us this (Sunday) morning.

We talked Sunday morning to the mother of wide Receiver D.J. Hord (6-1, 185 lbs., 4.35 in the 40, 3.2 GPA) from Kansas City, Missou., Rockhurst. According to a recent Allen Wallace interview (SuperPrep.com "Woodson went there" interview with Hord), U-M is his favorite. As a junior Max Emfinger 4 star wide receiver caught 10 TDs for around 600 yards. He's also run a wind-aided 10.39 100 meeters in track this spring.

Mrs. Hord answered the phone by saying, "I'm glad you called. I'm just about to sign D.J up for the Michigan Camp right now."

That's interesting. You're getting the info online?

"Yes. From the Michigan Athletic Departmant website address, MGoBlue.com ... the camp is from June 21-25 I believe."

So, D.J. is definitely interested in Michigan?

"Oh yes. We've been emailing the Michigan coaches."

Who has D.J. been talking to?

"Well, D.J.'s a wide receiver, so he probably has been talking to wide receiver coaches. But I'm not sure about all parts of D.J.'s recruiting -- what schools and what coaches he's talked to. We've divided things up -- D.J. and his dad can tell you more about those things. My area for now is logistics -- and I can tell you we definitely plan to go there for their summer camp."

We'll bring our conversation with D.J. to you later today.

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