Spring Breezes

The Spring Game coming up this Saturday! It's the best event of the year -- a guaranteed 'victory', and a chance to see the Maize and Blue youngsters!<br><br> Plus: a recruiting look-back -- the number of signees by state. Where does the state of Michigan stand? You may be surprised.

Spring Breezes -- Saturday we'll see for ourselves!

Leading the 2004 team: Defense! And Special Teams?

DB's - The biggest - and best - U-M safeties ever? Shazor and Mundy.

CB - Having fun again - Marlin.

LB - Underrated, Coming Through: McClintock 'there' now, Reid keeps improving ... Burgess a future star. Woods on the outside - 'nuff said.

DL - May be ready to star - Woodley. Gabe, Massey ready. JVA keeps improving.

RB - Bracken by a nose over Underwood? (still a long time until the opened).

QB - it keeps drifting on the wind ... it's not fair to expect Guts. to be 5th-year-sharp.


Recruiting look-back -- signees by state.

The state of Michigan was 18th in Div. One players signed this past February -- with 36 signed. This, for a state ranked 8th in population, just points out how hard U-M has to work to recruit nationally -- the 22 members of the Wolverines' 03/04 class came from an amazing 15 states.

Here are the states with the most players signed (source: PrepStar Magazine):

- California (ranked 1st in state population) had the most players signed -- 379!
- Texas (ranked 2nd in population) was second with 312 signees!
- Third was Florida (4th in population) with 209 kids signed,
- 4th Georgia (10th in population) with 116,
- 5th Ohio (7th in population) with 105,
- 6th was Amazing-Mississippi (in the bottom half in population) with 78,
- 7th Louisiana (near the middle in population) with 75,
- 8th Pennsylvania (6th in population) with 70,
- 9th Alabama (like La., middle-ish in population) with 70,
- 10th Virginia (12th in population) with 64,
- 11th New Jersey (11th in population) with 55,
- 12th Illinois (5th in population ... so also under-represented in signees) with 47,

........... and on down to 18th Michigan (8th in population) with 36.

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