Hairston Musings

Rumors have been swirling regarding the recruitment of this talented player. In this article we address a few of them that have suggested that the Wolverines are out of the race.<br><br> Basically the question is: are the Wolverines in it for Hairston, or not?

Lately there have been countless reports that Detroit Renaissance star Malik Hairston has trimmed his list and that his modified roster of schools doesn’t have Michigan on it. To carry it one step further, there was even a report that the coaches from the schools that were still on his list were present to watch him play at this weekend’s Hoop Summit in San Antonio. Word had it that the Michigan coaches weren’t amongst them.

Actually all that the rumors have done is -- to make it clear that no one outside of Hairston or those close to him have a definitive grasp or where things stand. That said, it’s also clear from our talks with various sources that the Wolverines haven’t been passed the message that they’ve been eliminated (if that’s indeed the case).

Sources have informed GBW that the report that the Michigan coaches weren’t present at the Hoop Summit is categorically false. It just so happens that one of the Wolverines' representatives was the first coach in the gym. Furthermore, GBW has learned that Hairston spoke to the Michigan coaching staff for well over an hour last night and that there was no discussion of the Maize and Blue being eliminated. As a matter of fact, it was said that it went well. It seems as though that would have been the perfect opportunity to inform them of their status (or lack thereof). That in and of itself doesn’t prove that the Wolverines are still on the list, but it certainly suggests that to be the case.

Michigan may not land the talented wing player, but it seems premature to write them off at this point. Until he states which teams have been eliminated, the speculation will continue. This recruitment has obviously been fodder for discussion on the messageboards and we welcome you to join in here. We’ll continue to post updates as we hear more information.

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