Carr Talks Spring Football (part 2)

<p>In Part 2 of Coach Carr&#8217;s pre Spring Game press conference he further discusses <strong>the possible move of David Baas to center</strong>, <strong>Jerome Jackson</strong>, <strong>Tim Bracken</strong>, <strong>Pierre Rembert</strong>, <strong>Anton Campbell</strong>, and much much more.</p>

For those that missed part 1 of Coach Carr's presser, click Carr Talks Spring Football (part 1).

On Chad Henne:

“He’s here as we speak!”

On Doug Dutch:

“Doug Dutch was just here for two or three days with his mom and dad. He’s been able to sit in on meetings and see some practices which is a great advantage.”

More on Baas to center:

“Bass is a great football player. If he couldn’t move to center and be a great center, we wouldn’t think of moving him. We know he is a great guard. But he has worked over there enough that we know that he can be a great center. The question is what’s the strongest lineup. That’s really what we’ve always tried to do here, and that’s what we’ll have to see.”

“I think David Baas has been around here and is a great leader. I don’t think he would question it (the possible move) at all if it were for the betterment of his team. What everyone wants to talk about is the future. The truth is that only helps him. That only proves his ability to play more than one position. I think in the long run, it will have been to Marlin’s advantage that he played safety.”

On the possibility of recruits entering school a semester early:

“There are a number of kids across the country starting to do that. My own feeling is that’s really something that I would want him to decide. If he wanted to do it, I think there is some great upside from the standpoint that he gets started on his education faster. You can come in and go to the winter term and then he can go to spring term. So before he ever played a down of football, it would almost be like he had been here for a season. That should be the deal anyway…you have to be here a year before you get a chance to play. So I think that’s a great advantage. I think obviously for the football part of it, being able to play in spring practice is a GREAT advantage. So I’m sure we’re going to have that happen here one of these days."

On if he’d be in favor of freshman ineligibility:

“Absolutely. If you really want to improve graduation rates, that’s the best way to do it. It’s an economic issue more than anything else.”

On Jerome Jackson:

“Jerome has played very well. He’s a very very good football player. He’s tough, he really makes good cuts and he’s got great vision. That’s his greatest asset other than his being tough. He’s really improved as a pass receiver. He’s had a very very good spring. He’s in the hunt.”

On how Jerome has handled pass protection:

“Very well. That was one of my concerns because he’s not a particularly big guy compared to some of these guys that are 230. But he’s tough. He’s really tough. We had a kid named Clarence Williams that really was not very big, but was so tough and so tenacious that we were able to play him as a third down back. He was a guy that could protect even though he wasn’t that big. But Jerome is solid and a complete football player.”

On Tim Bracken:

“Tim has had a very good spring. Bracken has had a very, very good spring. Tim is an excellent pass receiver, is very very quick, and has great feet, so he’s going to play … Tim looks to me like he’s back to where he was before the injury. It’s the best he has played.”

On Anton Campbell:

“We moved Anton Campbell to cornerback about a week ago. We think from a depth standpoint, a year from now we’re going to lose Marlin and Markus. Anton is a very good athlete and runs well so we made the switch.”

On any other injuries:

Lawrence Reid sprained his knee, but as we speak, I don’t anticipate that we’ve had any injuries that are going to impact the fall. But as is typical in the spring, there are always some guys that get banged up and miss a few practices.”

On Pierre Rembert:

“He missed part of yesterday’s practice, but he says he’ll be back. He hasn’t been down yet so we’ll have to see. I would say that he has not had a great spring. I don’t think he has played like he is capable of.”

On the linebackers:

“McClintok, Prescott, and Joe Sarantos took A LOT of snaps. McClintok really had a good spring. He’s tough. You can’t keep him out of there. That’s a position where you always have something nagging at you. Prescott has gotten better. When he comes back in the fall, he’ll be much bigger. Maybe not heavier, but he’s certainly going to be stronger. That’s really the next stage. You’re trying to get guys like Will Paul stronger and bigger. And then you’ve got to get some guys in better shape. “

“Because of Lawrence being out, it has created an opportunity for Joe Sarantos to play two different linebacker positions.”

On if he has timetable for naming a starting QB:

“I think that if they’re smart they are competing as if they’re going to start. I’m not worried about that. I want to let them compete and see how they come back in the fall. They gotta both be ready.”

On if it’s necessary to have a timetable to name the QB for the team:

“You want the team to feel comfortable with whoever it might be. When you have two guys that haven’t played extensively the main thing is you’ve got to have depth and you’ve got to have confidence. That’s why the way you practice and the way you compete. If it helps both guys improve ... that’s what you’re after.”

On how having Clayton at QB might effect the offensive line:

“I don’t think there’s any question that if you have a left handed quarterback … if your tackles have an ability to do so, you would like to have your best tackle from a pass protection standpoint … your best athlete … to his back when he sets up to pass. For example, right now Kolodziej is working at left tackle with Stenavich out, and Jake Long is working at right tackle. If Clayton Richard became the quarterback you would probably want those two left tackles to play on the right. But you don't do that unless they feel comfortable. One of the things we’ve tried to do is work all of those kids, with the exception of Long, at both tackles.”

On the tight ends:

“I think Massaquoi and Ecker have a chance to be as good a pair as we’ve had. They’re both very athletic, they’re both tough, they’re both smart, and they’ve both been very productive this spring. I like them a lot. Jim Fisher is going to very reliable guy out there. He’s a guy that is a great part of our punting team. “

On Markus Curry:

“Markus has had a very difficult time. A week ago his father passed away. Dealing with the death of his father has been a very difficult thing.“

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