Post Spring Game Presser - Quick Hitters

Here are interesting tidbits from the Spring Game press conference: we thought the most interesting comments were from Coach Carr, Braylon Edwards, Ernest Shazor, Clayton Richard.<br><br> Coach Carr had the one quote that summarizes the 'game' best. And Carr also comments on his future.

Coach Carr:

His summary comment on the game says it best: "The main thing is -- this was just one practice. And I liked a lot of the things I saw."

On the return (from being CMU Head Coach) of Assistant Coach Mike Debord (who is Special Teams Coordinator): "It's Great! Mike will have a significant impact on our special teams. And we return our place kicker Garrett Rivas, out kick-off kicker Troy Nienburg, and our punter Adam Finley. But as far as Mike goes -- it's great to have him back!"

On rumors about his coaching future: "I have the greatest job in the country. I have everything here. I have no plans at all of retiring. I have five years left on my contract, and I have every hope that I will fulfill the contract." He went on to say, "I love what I'm doing. I love the players, I love to recruit. Any speculation that I'll only coach a year or two more ... it's a part of recruiting that other schools may say that to kids. That kind of thing is a part of recruiting no matter what situation you're in. But when I sit down with kids in their homes, I'm not worried that they will believe those things."

Braylon Edwards:

"I'm trying to move out of the 'young man stage' and be a man. And I can assure you I'll be at meetings ten minutes early. And in the huddle this year it is my job to keep everyone calm. To keep everyone where they belong ... to always be cool, calm and collected for the younger players."

Edwards on Matt Gutierrez vs. Clayton Richard: "Matt can get out there with his feet. And Clayton has a very strong arm -- he can make throws that others won't. So Matt is real good with his feet, Clayton has a very good arm."

Clayton Richard:

On the competition between him and Gutierrez: "They way we think about is that as a position-group we want to get as good as we can."

On the difference between a left-handed (Richard) and a right-handed (Gutierrez) thrower: "There is not too much of a difference. They've had Spencer Brinton here for four years, and he's a lefty. The only difference is that my spirals are going backwards."

Ernest Shazor:

"It is time for me to move from being a young man to being a man" (note the common theme).

Regarding Marlin Jackson being moved back to corner: "He's excited again -- like a freshman or sophomore. He has that swagger again."

Regarding redshirt freshman Ryan Mundy: "Mundy has impressed me the most this spring. He is a very quick learner."

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