Antonio Bass Reacts to Spring Game Visit

<p>GoBlueWolverine talked to Jackson High (Mich.) Quarterback/Athlete <strong>Antonio Bass</strong> after his short drive over to the University of Michigan for the annual spring game yesterday. He was impressed with what he saw in Ann Arbor!</p>

How did you enjoy your visit to Ann Arbor yesterday?

“It was good. We got a chance to talk with Coach Carr again.”

What did you guys talk about?

“Actually he talked to my dad most of the time. He showed us the locker room and we went to see all of the players.”

So your dad enjoyed himself?

“Oh yeah, he liked it a lot!”

What did you think of what you saw on the field?

“It was pretty good out there, I liked it. I wasn’t really looking to see where I might fit in. I was just enjoying the game.”

Did you come away with a more favorable impression of Michigan after this weekend?

"Yeah I did. I liked how they have things set up there and it just looks like a good environment."

What’s up next for you?

“Next week I go to the Nike Camp.”

We’ll have more from Antonio very soon.

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