NC Linebacker Impressed With the Wolverines

<p><strong>Derek Nicholson</strong> made the trek all the way from North Carolina on Friday to make it up for Michigan&#8217;s annual Spring game. The highly coveted linebacker really liked what he saw in Ann Arbor.</p>

How did you enjoy the spring game?

“It was good and exciting. They had a nice atmosphere for college football.”

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the players?

“I talked to a couple of the players. I also talked to Jamar Adams who’s going there next year. He’s from North Carolina too so it shows that distance isn’t really that big a deal. I think it was only something like 8 ½ hours.”

How about the coaches?

“I talked to all of the coaches. Coach Carr, Coach Campbell, the defensive coordinator, and the linebackers’ coach…I talked to all of them.”

What did you guys talk about?

“We just talked about the linebacker situation up there and how I’d fit into things and the schemes they run there at Michigan.”

What did you think of the defense? Do you see yourself possibly fitting in with what they do?

“The way they run things is kind of set up for the linebackers. They have like a 3-4/5-2 look where they cover a lot of the guys on the line of scrimmage and let the linebackers roam to make plays. I really see myself fitting into that.”

Did you come away with a more favorable impression of Michigan after your visit?

“Yes I did. I liked the tradition and I didn’t know the stadium was THAT big! They have a good scheme. I really liked how the defense was set up where the linebackers can really showcase their abilities. I came away knowing more about Michigan than I did before. That is what I wanted to accomplish in going up there.”

Do you have a top 5?

“No, I don’t have any teams that stand above the others right now. Everybody is equal. Probably in late July or early August I’ll get down to a top 5. Then I’ll have my season and take my five official visits afterward.”

What will be the most significant factors in your decision?

“I'll be looking for a team where I feel comfortable around the players and the coaches. A place that has a good coaching staff that can make me better both football wise and academically. A place that’s like a home away from home where I’ll feel comfortable for the next four or five years of my life.”

What’s up next for you?

“Next week I go to Georgia and then the week after that I go to Virginia Tech.”

Will you be attending any of the summer training combines?

“No, none of the combines.”

How about summer camps?

“I probably will go to some camps, but I’m not sure which ones yet.”

Might you attend the Michigan camp?

“Yes, that’s very possible.”

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