"He's long, athletic, and very skilled"

<p>In <b>part 1</b> of this update on St. Andrews (DE) center <strong>Eric Boateng</strong>, Delaware Sharpshooters head coach Duane Coverdale fills GBW in on what type of player his young star is.</p>

Talk to me about Eric as a player.

“Eric is 6-10 and about 225 lbs. He’s long, athletic, and very skilled. He has range out to 18-20 feet. His back to the basket game is great! He probably has some of the best footwork in the country. He’s got basically every post move imaginable.”

Is there a player in college or the pros that we can compare him to?

“I would say that his athleticism is kind like Hakim Warrick. He blocks a lot of shots. Footwork wise he’s similar to Shavlik Randolph.”

I heard you that your team was at the Charlie Webber tournament over the weekend. How do you guys do?

“We won our pool and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Eric played very well. I think he ran out of gas the last game that we lost to the New York Ravens. He was real out of sync, but he played very well in the first two games.”

What parts of Eric’s game would you say he needs to work on?

“I think he needs to get stronger. He knows every post move…especially with his back to the goal…in the book. As soon as he starts making his decisions a little quicker, the sky is the limit for him. We’ve been around for nine years and we’ve had some very good players come through here. Aaron Matthews, who went to Villanova and transferred to Delaware State, was a top 100 player. Albert Mouring, who played on a national championship team at UCONN, was a top 40 player and is playing pro ball overseas. We’ve had a few others that have come through and gone high major. Eric is probably the best that we’ve had. He’s definitely the highest rated that we’ve ever had in our program, and the highest rated to come out of Delaware. I honestly think that if he gets stronger and then finishes around the basket with authority…I’d like to see him dunk on people a little more to be honest with you…then I think he’s an NBA caliber player. I think he’ll do those things and eventually get to the NBA.”

So, what are the chances he jumps to the pros right out of high school?

“I didn’t mean right out of high school. Nooo, I’m not saying that at all! I’m just saying that he’s a player that has pro ability.”

So do you think there’s any possibility that he would go to the NBA straight out of high school?


What schools have offered him thus far?

Michigan has offered him from my understanding. Off the top of my head UCLA, North Carolina State, Xavier, Notre Dame…basically just about everybody in the Big East are a few others. UCONN hasn’t offered yet, but I know that they will. Most of the schools in the ACC and a lot of the Big 12 have offered too. Kansas hasn’t offered yet, but I know that he’s high on their list. Duke hasn’t offered yet, but he is pretty high on their list also.”

Check back for part 2 later.

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