Hairston Speaks at Classic (Part 2)

In part 2 of the interview with Malik Hairston he took the time to answer a few more questions that I threw his way.

The audio version of this interview will played on next Sunday’s Michigan Insider’s Radio Hour. It will which will be archived on the site shortly thereafter, so that those outside of the listening area will be able to hear it.

Let’s play a word association game. I’m going to name a school, and you give me their positive attributes.


“They are re-establishing and rebuilding the whole glory of UCLA. It would be great to be a part of it. Coach Howland has gone out there and changed the whole level of toughness. He has changed their whole style actually. I think they are going to do something good out there.”


“They are always winning. I possibly have a chance at a National Championship, and that would be another great thing to be a part of.”

Ohio State.

“I guess that might be my best opportunity closest to home. It is a possibility that I would be THAT guy. I would be a great part of the team and I think that I could be that piece of the puzzle that they need to put them over the top.”


“That is right in my backyard. Coach Amaker just comes off as a real great guy…real calm. But he still seems to have a great affect on his players. I know the guys. I like the guys...Lester, Dion, and Daniel. They are all great guys. They are also trying to reestablish where Michigan once was, so that would be another great story.”


“Coach Sampson is a very intense coach. He’s laid it out to me. He wants me to be, he says, the star of his movie. I think they are one player away from being there in that National title run. “


“The style of basketball is great. If you look at how they play, they get up and down, and they shoot a lot of 3s. They are a great team and they seem to have a commitment to their players.”

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