Schoenhoft's a Sleeper No More

The top quarterback at Saturday's Ohio State Nike Camp was Cincinnati St. Xavier signal-caller <b>Robby Schoenhoft</b>. Almost as big as John Navarre (from behind they look like they could be brothers), Robby's been a fixture around the Ann Arbor the past few years. And suddenly he's prominent on the 'recruiting scene' as well! We spoke to Schoehhoft a couple times during the day Saturday, and we spoke to him again last (Monday) night.

Here was our post-combine scouting report on Robby, who we named our overall "#1-B" performer of the day:
- Quarterback Rob Schoenhoft from Cincinnati, Ohio, St. Xavier. We did not ask the three-time Michigan Camper for his stats, but his reported 6-6, 225 lbs., looked correct in height and a little low in weight ... he may be up to 235 or so. Schoenhoft was a surprise! The three-time Michigan Camper has a ROCKET for an arm. The top-group QB-WR-DB drills were done into a pretty stiff breeze, and only Rob was not bothered by the wind. His deliveries were on the money and were 'ropes', even the 40 yard post patterns. Think John Navarre -- but with a bit more mobility. Rob had decent mobility in the early mobility drills -- but he is definitely a Navarre-style pocket passer. We talked briefly to Robby and his dad a couple times during the day, and Rob told us he'd be at the Michigan Camp once again this summer for a day.

Last (Monday) night we dialed the phone, and Mrs. Schoenhoft. She called for Robby (his dad is Rob Sr., he is Rob. Jr. or Robby), and as Robby was coming to the phone we heard her say, "We're going to have to get Robby his own phone line!"

Hi Rob. We did not ask you for your stats Saturday.

"I measured 6-5 1/2, and weighed 232 or 233 lbs. I ran a 4.88 40, but I pulled a hip muscle in the first heat, so my 40 times were slow ... and I couldn't do my best in the agility drills either."

Well, 4.88 isn't bad for a guy your size. Did you do a shuttle and vertical jump? And did you do the bench press?

"I had a 29 inch vertical. I didn't do a shuttle because of my hip. And I didn't do the bench press -- I didn't want to tire my arm."

Note: that's pretty typical for quarterbacks, not to do the bench press.

Robby, we've seen you at the Michigan Camp for the past three years now. Are you going to make it a fourth this summer?

"Yes, I'll be at the Michigan Camp again this summer."

Any others?

"I've been invited to the Elite 11 Camp, and there is an MSL Camp in Cincinnati."

The Elite 11 -- congratulations. Are you going to any other summer camps?

"Michigan's, Michigan State's, Notre Dame's ... maybe Ohio State's."

Who has offered you now?

"Michigan State, Iowa has come in with an offer now, Maryland, Duke, Cincinnati ... also Akron, Vanderbilt, and Indiana."

Has Michigan been the team you've followed most?

"They've been my favorite team for the past few years. I've been around Michigan the most, having been there for camp the last three years. And I went to the Ohio State game last fall too, and to a game the fall before."

So would Michigan be your favorite if they offered you?

"They'd be up there. I know they have Chad Henne coming in this fall. So I need to talk to Coach Loeffler about that, and to Coach Herrmann too. But Michigan will be up there."

Note: Schoenhoft is a perfect example of how the spring combines can quickly boost a player from a 'Sleeper' to a 'Star'. As a junior his stats were humble: 63 of 171 for 888 yards. But Robby has obviously been maturing and improving rapidly! And Saturday's combine has boosted him to Elite status.

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