Now HERE's a surprise!

Who <i><b>was</b></i> that <b>HUGE</b> football prospect that was spotted scouting out the Big House last weekend? You may not believe it -- but it's true!

This is just a tidbit -- but it's so juicy that it's well worth putting on the front page.

Spotted scouting out the Big House with a certain Michigan assistant coach (we won't say which one) last weekend was ... ... ...

Offensive Tackle Alex Boone (6-8, 300 lbs.) from Lakewood, Ohio, St Edward ... Max Emfinger's #1 offensive tackle.

Surprised? We couldn't believe it when we first heard it either! But this is not a rumor folks -- it's a confirmed spotting -- actually, doubly-confirmed by two of our most reliable spotters!

Why is this a surprise? Because Alex Boone is one of OSU's two early verbal commitments! Boone and OSU's other commitment, CB Jamarrio O'Neal from Cleveland Glenville, are considered the top two junior prospects in Ohio. O'Neal, by the say, was a Michigan Camper last summer even though he was already an OSU commitment at the time!

As they say, real life can be stranger than fantasy!

Boone was at Saturday's OSU Nike Camp -- he and Zack Hennis (see our report on Zack from the combine) looked like Bobsy Twins at the camp. Alex Boone is a MAN -- and so is Zack Hennis! Both are 6-8, 300 pounders, both are solid-not-fat, and both had similarly good agility in the day's drills. Boone and Hennis were definitely the top two offensive linemen there.

Hennis has been seen frequently around Ann Arbor lately -- he attended both the Feb. 29 Junior Day and the Spring Game.

But Boone -- now that one is a surprise!

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