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Ouimet on Stevens, Kashama,Diggs,Heuer,Soloman

Who might get drafted on the second day?<br><br> Former Asst. Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet goes over Larry Stevens, Alain Kashama, Carl Diggs, Normn Heuer and Demetrius Soloman. As Ouimet says, "All it takes is one team to like you."<br><br> <b>**All comments are up!**</b>

[Note: for Diggs, Heuer and Soloman, go to the end of the article.] Ouimet:

"These are the guys who could get drafted on the second day of the draft."

"Alain Kashama. Alain was a camper, and he came in on his official visit over Thanksgiving. He started some games as a freshman remember. He is raw, still learning the game. But I'll say this about Alain -- he will get drafted. With his athletic ability and 40 time someone will take a chance on him in the 7th round. He probably ran a 4.5 at the U-M Pro Day. I've seen him beat Chris Perry in a 40 yard dash. He's raw, but he has great athletic ability. Someone will take a chance on him. It only takes one team to like you ..."

"Larry Stevens. He came in as safety, and got moved to defensive end. That's a big switch. Then he got in a numbers crunch at first. So Larry is still young at the position. What he needs to continue to learn is discipline in the game itself - at the defensive end position. Mentally preparing for a game on and off the field, as a defensive end. Learning schemes and coverages, so he doesn't jump offsides -- that kind of thing. Stevens needs to keep studying the game, to keep learning. Now that being said, what Stevens gives you is guy who can get off the ball, who can get to the quarterback. And he can cover a tight end if he has to -- pro teams want that from a defensive end. Stevens has a mixture of James Hall and Shantee Orr in him -- meaning he doesn't stand out in any one area but has some ablity."

"Carl Diggs and Norman Heuer might get drafted."

"Diggs was a Michigan Camper and an early commitment, after his high school All Star game if I remember. His knee injury set him back of course. And so the biggest question with him is his speed."

"Norman Heuer is from Phoenix, but he lived with grandparents and there was a Michigan connection there. He is strong as ox, and he's a bull fighter -- he will get after that offensive guard and kick his butt. But not the greatest athlete."

"And then there's Demetrius Soloman. He'll get free agent tryout. In high school he was an All American, and of course he started for a year at Michigan. He has good feet, great size. Ultimately he just got caught in a numbers crunch a Michigan."

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