Jevohn Shepherd Opens Some Eyes

GBW was in the house for a so so performance at last week&#8217;s Charlie Weber tournament Toronto West Hill&#8217;s <strong>Jevohn Shepherd</strong>. The young man went home and flipped the script very quickly by lighting up a Toronto gym yesterday in front of a number of high major programs. Find out who was there, what those teams were saying after his performance, and the reason for his struggles last week.

Toronto West Hill head coach Wayne Dawkins has been telling folks for a while about what a talent he has in 6-5 swingman Jevohn Shepherd. Yesterday the young man made his coach look good in front a whole slew of division 1 coaches, including Michigan assistant Charles Ramsey. Dawkins, who played for Ramsey at Eastern Michigan University, said that the way Shepherd played yesterday prompted his old coach to say, “this kid just doesn’t know how good he really is!”

Dawkins indicated that it’s Shepherd’s all around skill set that makes him special. “He has a great midrange game and is a tremendous athlete,” said Dawkins. “Plus, he’s a student of the game. He has a tremendous willingness to work and is very coachable.” However, the coach indicated that there was one area that his young phenom needed to improve in. “He needs to work on his killer instinct,” Dawkins said. He’s more skilled than one of my former players named Denham Brown (who now plays for UCONN). The difference is Denham has that killer instinct. I don’t care who he’s playing with or against, he’s going to attack!”

That explains why Shepherd struggled last week. Normally he plays with Dawkins’ AAU club, Phase 1. However, Phase 1 wasn’t going to be playing in Weber last week. Recognizing the fact that Jevohn needed to play in that type of setting as much as possible, he suggested that Shepherd and his other star, Kaylan Anderson, travel down and play on another Toronto AAU team called Mission 1. “That was a situation where he was playing on a team with a bunch of guys and in a setting that he wasn’t familiar or comfortable with,” said Dawkins. “He’s the type of kid that will defer a lot in situations like that. He’s not a kid that you put into a new setting and he’ll take over right from the start. I get more out of him because this is his team and he’s comfortable.”

That comfort was certainly evident yesterday. With Michigan, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, UMass, Canisius, St. Bonaventure, and a number of other schools in the house, Shepherd was fantastic. As we said in part 1 of our Charlie Weber report (for those that missed it click here), you can’t make an evaluation based upon one game. Coach Dawkins mentioned that very thing in reference to Pitt. “Pitt came and saw him earlier in the season and they never called or came to see him again,” Dawkins said. “They were here yesterday and after how Jevohn played, they said that they had a kid visiting and if they didn’t land him they wanted Jevohn!”

Shepherd currently has offers on the table from Memphis and Pepperdine, but Michigan remains very prominent in his recruitment. Still recognized as the favorite, the Wolverines will probably be very tough to beat should they offer the Canadian star. As for now, Jevohn will continue to go about the business of getting his game better and making a name for himself on the summer circuit. As he gets more comfortable look for this young man to make a big splash onto the scene. GBW will catch him in action again at some point later in the summer.

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